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-Full Name: Matthew Moore Hardy

-Date of Birth: September 23, 1974

-Age: 44

-Height: 6″2

-Married to Reby Sky. They have two children: Maxel & Wolfgang

-Has brown eyes

-He attended the University of North Carolina Charlotte for a short period of time

-Founded OMEGA and did 75% of the bookings

-Made his pro wrestling debut on October 15, 1992

-Trained by Dory Funk Jr.

-His wrestling nicknames include: The Sensei of Mattitude, V1, Black Cloud, Cold Blood, The Starmaker

-Ring names include: Evil Knieval, Matt Hardy, Ignis Fatuus (Jynx Brothers), Conquistador, Surge, High Voltage, White Cheetah, Ripcurl, and Mysterio

-His WWE theme song was “Live for the Moment” by Monster Magnet

-Previous WWE stables include: The Brood (1999) & Team Xtreme/Hardy Boyz (1999-2002), Reformed Team Xtreme (without Lita) (2006-2009)

-Has appeared on various television shows including: That ’70s Show, Fear Factor, The Big Breakfast, SM: TV Live!, Tough Enough, Scare Tactics

-His favorite band is Pearl Jam

-His favorite movies include: Powder, Heathers, The Crow and Spider Man

-Likes English muffins

-Loves guacamole

-Only drinks low fat chocolate milk

-Keeps the room temperature at a toasty 75 degrees

-Has been to Plymouth Rock

-Believes that Thanksgiving is a boring holiday

-Is a great juggler

-Was always on the honor roll

-Always sticks to his new years resolutions

-Loves Eggnog-Hates Fruitcake

-Knows How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube

-His middle name was his mother’s maiden name

-He hates mustard

-Built his own home, which is three-stories

-Has a heated toilet seat

-Always pays cash for his expensive purchases

-Had knee surgery in 2005

-Had an 100 average in Geometry

-His favorite place to hang out is in his hot tub

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May 28th, 2019
Meet Jeff Hardy
112 E 18th Street
Tulsa, OK
Doors open at 9 PM
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