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The Hardys

Names: Matt & Jeff Hardy
From: Cameron, NC
Mini Bio: The Hardys are quite possibly the greatest tag-team to ever step foot inside a wrestling ring. They sky-rocketed to success in the WWE during the nineties and have held tag-team gold a staggering eight times. Since then, the brothers have embarked on impressive singles careers, capturing respective heavyweight titles along the way.

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Published by Website Staff on September 20th, 2014. Filed in Interviews & Articles

The Huffington Post recent interviewed Matt. In the interview, he discussed his return to TNA, the future of the company, working with his brother again, and more.

You’re back in TNA and working a programme with Team 3D (The Dudley Boyz). What’s it like being with them again?

Its good fun! It’s like a time warp. It’s so strange. We’ve been separated and we haven’t been in the ring with those guys for about 12 years. You know as soon as we start working with them, we start having memories of old matches we had in Peoria Illinois – random cities across the world, it’s a great dose of nostalgia. I think it’s cool because we’re all at a point where we can still go pretty strong in the ring and have a great match and not disappoint the people. We don’t just get dressed up and come out as the Dudleys and the Hardy boys and play around for a couple of minutes, we can actually get out there and do an older version of ourselves and still kick ass and that’s pretty cool.

You are back to being a tag-team with Jeff after a successful career as a singles wrestler. What’s the allure of tagging again?

Every time now – especially as we get older – that I team with Jeff, it’s truly magical. We grew up as legitimate blood brothers and it’s a magical moment because our whole dream was to one day be the tag-team champions of the world and we did that multiple times. So anytime someone asks me, even if I’m embarking on the greatest singles run of my career and no-one can touch me, I would always go and work with Jeff. For me that’s as good as it gets because that’s what we always wanted to do when we were children. Few people get to live that dream and so, well anytime I can go back and team with Jeff, I’m certainly up for it and gonna love it.

To read the rest of the article: Click Here.

Published by Website Staff on September 18th, 2014. Filed in Impact Results

635 Captures | 8 Digitals | Video
To download the video, right-click and “save link as.”
TNA Tag Team Championship Series
The Hardys vs Team 3D vs The Wolves
he Wolves forego their entrance and storm the ring. Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray find themselves outside the ring on one side, while Matt and Devon find themselves on the other. The Wolves fly with two different suicide dives, taking out all four of their opponents.

The Wolves ram a ladder into any one of their challengers, but Jeff Hardy flies from the turnbuckle. He connects with the ladder to take out The Wolves! The Hardys take control of the ladder and assault The Wolves.

Bully Ray spins with his head in the ladder, dropping all the bodies he connects with. Matt Hardy storms the ring with another ladder as Devon calls for tables! The Hardys gain control and Matt Hardy begins the climb. His fingers touch one of the Tag Team Championship belts, but Eddie Edwards is there to make the save.

Devon tips the ladder and Matt and Eddie get hung up on the top rope. Then, Jeff Hardy smashes another ladder into Devon’s face! Bully Ray shifts the momentum when he powerbombs Jeff Hardy onto a ladder!!! The ladder folds and the bent end flies into the faces Eddie Edwards and Matt Hardy!

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Published by Website Staff on September 17th, 2014. Filed in Interviews & Articles

Matt and Jeff aka The Hardy Boyz aka Team Xtreme are together in-person with Y2J! The real life brothers had their own trampoline ring in the backyard of their family’s 25-acre tobacco farm. They started their own wrestling promotion, sewed their own costumes, came up with some crazy gimmicks, made their way to the WWE, and once there, cemented their legacy with some killer TLC matches! Stories, stories, and more stories… and they share them all with Chris!

To download/listen to the interview: Click Here.

Published by Website Staff on September 15th, 2014. Filed in Matt YouTube Videos

Published by Website Staff on September 15th, 2014. Filed in Matt YouTube Videos

Published by Website Staff on September 13th, 2014. Filed in Impact Results

690 Captures | 8 Digitals | Video
To download the video, right-click and “save link as.”
TNA Tag Team Championship Series
The Hardys vs Team 3D vs The Wolves
The Wolves enter following their iconic opponents, as Taz declares, “Let the hunt begin!”

All six men square off around the ring. Bodies fly and heads are bounced off of every surface including the ring apron, guardrail and steel steps. Matt Hardy and Bully Ray find themselves in the ring. Bully Ray commands the match and he and Devon nail “What’s up!” Bully and the crowd instruct Devon to “Get the tables!”

Team 3D pulls the first table from beneath the ring. The Wolves attempt a double suicide dive, but Team 3D dodges their assault and they use the table to clothesline the Tag Team Champions! As they turn, The Hardys dropkick the table into the faces of Team 3D!

The Hardys assume control by slamming Davey Richards’ throat across the leg of a table before dropping Eddie Edwards on the side of a table with a front suplex! Jeff positions the table, then he drapes Eddie on top of it. He climbs the turnbuckle, but Eddie counters with a superplex! Before Jeff crashes down, Devon moves the table to keep the match going.

The match breaks down into a chaotic scene as The Hardys gain control and a double-team advantage on Bully Ray. Bully moves just in time and Jeff Hardy drives his own feet through a table.

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