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The Hardys

Names: Matt & Jeff Hardy
From: Cameron, NC
Mini Bio: The Hardys are quite possibly the greatest tag-team to ever step foot inside a wrestling ring. They sky-rocketed to success in the WWE during the nineties and have held tag-team gold a staggering eight times. Since then, the brothers have embarked on impressive singles careers, capturing respective heavyweight titles along the way.

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Matt Hardy Returns!
Jeff Hardy comes out and says he heard Kurt Angle and the fans, and he’s back, but they haven’t seen the end of Willow at all. He says he wants to talk about the future, and the person he brought with him is part of TNA’s future, and it’s his brother, Matt Hardy. Matt comes out to a welcome back chant, and he says he left to get healthy mentally and physically, and he feels like he let the fans and Jeff down. He says he is done apologizing because actions speak louder, and he thinks it’s time that the Hardys are on the top of the marquee one more time, as tag team champions. Matt says he wants a match at Destination X, and he wants to fight the best team around, so he invites the Wolves to accept their challenge in the ring. The Wolves come out and Eddie says they want to beat the best, and that is the Hardys, so Davey says this match is on for Destination X, and they shake hands.

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Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Lashley
Lashley knocks Hardy down a few times before Hardy catches him with a stepover heel kick, then he knocks Lashley outside and dives on him. Hardy moves the steps but Lashley whips him at them, then Hardy tries to springboard off of them but Lashley sweeps his legs and slams his face off of them. We get back from a break to see Lashley hit Hardy in the corner and put him in a torture rack position, but Hardy floats over and takes him down with a clothesline and an atomic drop. Hardy hits a legdrop and dropkick, then he whips Lashley and elbows him before following with Whisper In The Wind. Hardy charges the corner but Lashley elbows him, then he blocks a headscissors by Hardy and calls for a powerslam. Hardy counters with a Twist of Fate, then he holds on and hits a second Twist of Fate before heading up top, and he hits a Swanton for two. He throws Lashley into the steps on the floor and heads up top, attempting a Swanton onto the steps, but Lashley rolls away and Hardy lands hard on the steps. Lashley rolls him back in, then hits a spear to retain.

Winner – Bobby Lashley

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Willow Steps Aside
Kurt Angle comes out and says tonight is a champions’ showcase, and he runs down the Tag Team, Knockouts and X Division Championship matches. He says the winner of a twenty man battle royal will also get a title shot against Lashley next week, and he wishes them all luck. Kurt calls Willow to the ring and says he knows why Willow was created, and it was because Dixie Carter took advantage of Jeff Hardy, and he went to a dark place. He is here to tell Willow that Dixie and MVP are gone, so he needs the most competitive guy there is, and he needs Jeff Hardy to come back, at least for the night. Kurt asks him to consider, but Willow shakes his hand and nods, then Kurt looks happy as he walks away.

20 Man Battle Royal
(Winner Receives A Title Shot Next Week)
Everyone slugs it out and picks a corner, then The Freak chokes Jessie and throws him outside after Jessie had eliminated Crazy Steve. DJ Z is next out, then Bram, Magnus and Knux slug it out, and Knux goes for a big boot but Bram ducks and gets hung up in the ropes. Magnus dumps him outside, then Hardy fights to avoid an elimination by Storm, and Tigre Uno goes for a hurricanrana on Magnus but Bram elbows him in the head and sends him to the floor. Sanada gets knocked outside, followed by Magnus, and Bully fights with Ethan on the apron while Storm sends Anderson outside. Storm sends Gunner right out after Anderson, then Hardy hits Bram with a Twist of Fate and clotheslines him to eliminate him. Spud helps Ethan stay in the match while Bram flips out about his elimination, then Abyss (not in the match) runs to the ring and Bram tries to hit him with part of the turnbuckle. Abyss blocks it and punches Bram several times, and they fight to the back as King throws Manik over the ropes and to the floor. We get back from a break to see Roode throw Storm outside, then Spud tries to attack Bully before he backs down. Bully hits him in the crotch before Ethan saves him, and he hits Bully several times before Spud chokes Bully on the ropes. Spud heads up top but Bully catches him and throws him on the floor, then he hits Ethan in the back of head. Bully clotheslines him but accidentally eliminates himself too, and they both hit the floor as King stomps Eric in the corner. King hits Roode a few times before Roode meets him with a spinebuster, then Roode attempts a Roode Bomb but King grabs the ropes to block it. MVP hits Roode in the stomach with his crutches and King sends him outside, but Eric dumps King right over the ropes and we are down to Eric Young and Jeff Hardy. Hardy shakes Eric’s hand and they go for a tie up, then they spill to the apron but Hardy headbutts Eric and throws him into the turnbuckles. Hardy kicks him and whips him across the ring, but Eric lands on the apron and struts (Flair style) before hitting a shoulder tackle. Eric tries to springboard in but Hardy kicks him, then Eric fights to hold the ropes but Hardy hits a top rope dropkick and sends him to the floor.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Credit: WrestleZone.com