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Impact Wrestling Results – April 26th, 2016
Posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2016- filed under Impact Results.

Impact Wrestling Results – April 19th, 2016
Posted on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016- filed under Impact Results.

1538 Captures | Digitals | Match Video
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy in a I Quit Match
Matt drives Jeff to the corner. Matt with a series of right hands. Jeff drops Matt with a headscissors takedown. Matt and Jeff exchange back and forth right hands. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate, but Matt counters with a back elbow. Jeff connects with a double leg dropkick. Jeff gets Matt in the Figure Four Leg Lock. Referee asks Matt if he wants to quit. Matt says no. Jeff holds still on the figure four then Matt reverses the hold. Rockstar Spud comes out and immediately lands a series of right hands to Jeff. Jeff powerbomb’s Spud. Matt takes advantage of the distraction and clotheslines Jeff over the top rope. Matt bounces Jeff’s head on the steel ring steps. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Jeff sends Matt face first to the steel ring post. Jeff clothesline Matt over the steel guard rail. Jeff goes for the Poetry in Motion over the steel guard rail, but Matt counters by throwing a chair to Jeff’s face. Matt applies a wrist lock.

Referee asks Jeff if he wants to quit and he says no. Jeff gets Matt in a armbar. Matt whacks Jeff in the face with a steel chair. Matt grabs a lead pipe. Jeff kicks Matt in the gut. Matt and Jeff battle around the production area. Matt chokes Jeff with the steel chair. Matt drives the chair multiple times to the midsection of Jeff. Matt places the chair around Jeff’s neck. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Jeff bites Matt’s thumb. Jeff with multiple chair shots to the back of Matt. Jeff places a steel guard rail in between the stage. Jeff grabs a ladder. Jeff sets up the ladder upon the outskirts of the staging area. Jeff puts Matt laying flat on the steel guard rail. Jeff climbs the ladder, but Matt lands a series of clubbing blows to the back of Jeff. Matt drives Jeff through the steel guard rail with the Side Effect. Matt puts Jeff laying flat on a platform by the stage. Jeff gets Matt in a sleeper hold, but Matt won’t quit as he passes out. Jeff tells the referee that this match won’t end until Matt says “I Quit”.

Jeff puts Matt on a table. Jeff climbs up the stairs. Jeff plants Matt with the Swanton Bomb off the top of the staircase rails. Matt Hardy gets put on a stretcher to end the show.

Winner: No Contest


A Hardy Postcard : EASTER ISLAND
Posted on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016- filed under Matt YouTube Videos.

Impact Wrestling Results – April 12th, 2016
Posted on Friday, April 15th, 2016- filed under Impact Results.

1401 Captures | Digitals | Match Video
Jeff Hardy & Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy & Tyrus w/The Matt Hardy Brand
Matt and Jeff starts off the match. Matt immediately tags in Tyrus. Jeff ducks a clothesline from Tyrus. Jeff with a waist lock. Tyrus drags Jeff to the corner. Jeff with a series of right hands to Tyrus. Jeff tags in Galloway. Jeff and Galloway connect on double team clothesline. Jeff with a double leg dropkick to Matt. Galloway with the Poetry in Motion to Tyrus. Galloway stomps on Tyrus chest. Tyrus with a elbow drop to Galloway for a two count. Tyrus with a chin lock to Galloway. Tyrus tags in Matt. Matt with a clubbing blow to the back of Galloway. Matt drives his knees to the midsection of Galloway. Matt with a series of right hands to Galloway in the corner. Matt drops Galloway with a back elbow. Matt tags Tyrus back in. Tyrus with a corner splash to Galloway. Tyrus steps on Galloway’s wrist.

Tyrus connects with the Heart Punch for a two count. Tyrus with a series of clubbing blows to the back of Galloway. Tyrus applies the rear chin lock. Galloway chops Tyrus in the chest. Tyrus with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Tyrus drags Gallloway to the corner. Tyrus goes for a splash, but Galloway rolls out of the way. Matt and Jeff are tagged in. Jeff with a inverted atomic drop to Matt. Jeff connects with the double leg dropkick for a two count. Jeff drops Matt with the side russian leg sweep for a two count. Jeff with the Twist of Fate to Matt. Jeff goes for the Swanton Bomb, but Matt rolls to the ring apron. Jeff connects with another Twist of Fate. Jeff goes for the Swanton Bomb, but Tyrus catches Jeff in mid-air. Galloway drops Tyrus with the Claymore. Reby comes down to the ring and hands her husband a hammer. Matt attacks Jeff with the hammer behind the referee’s back. Matt connects with the Twist of Fate to pickup the victory.

After the match Bobby Lashley comes down to the ring and drops Galloway with three vicious spears. Lashley raises the TNA World Heavyweight Championship up in the air.
WINNERS: Matt Hardy & Tyrus


Impact Wrestling Results – April 5th, 2016
Posted on Friday, April 8th, 2016- filed under Impact Results.

1448 Captures | Digitals | Matt’s Match Video | Jeff’s Match Video
6 Sides of Steel Eric Young vs. Jeff Hardy
After the recap ‘The World Class Maniac’ Eric Young enters the arena with Bram right behind him. After telling the IMPACT fans to “shut their stupid mouths” E.Y. delivers a scathing promo to Jeff Hardy letting him know that tonight Eric Young is going to take Jeff Hardy’s life after he Pile Drives him off the top of the 6 Sides of Steel Cage.

Jeff Hardy enters the arena carrying a table and E.Y. and Bram try to get the jump on him as he comes down the IMPACT ramp. Jeff uses the table as a barricade and stops both men in their tracks, but the numbers game works in the ‘Terror Twins’ favor and they start beating Jeff Hardy down on the outside of the ring. Eric Young tries to deliver a Piledriver to Hardy on the outside but Jeff reverses it and back body drops E.Y. on the concrete. Bram continues to soften up Jeff Hardy but gets thrown into the steel cage himself. E.Y. regroups and he and Bram beat down Jeff Hardy on the outside and start throwing chairs and tables into the ring. Eric Young grabs Jeff Hardy and drags him into the ring so the match can finally start. Jeff is down and suffering and E.Y. drops a knee on him right away. Jeff drop kicks Bram off the Cage and he crashes to the floor and steel steps. The cage door is finally closed and it’s E.Y. vs Jeff Hardy one-on-one for the first time.

E.Y. gains the upper hand after sending Hardy sailing into the Cage wall, E.Y. sets up a chair in the corner and tries to launch Hardy into it. Jeff Hardy is able to reverse the momentum and launches E.Y. face first into the chair. Twice! Jeff Hardy sets up a table in the corner and attempts a suplex on E.Y. through the table. E.Y. escapes the suplex attempt and the battle on while Bram cheers on E.Y. from the outside. E.Y. throws Jeff Hardy into the Six Sides of Steel to wear him down. Jeff lays in a flurry of offensive kicks and flying cross body to regain momentum, pins E.Y. for a 2 count. Jeff Hardy sets up 4 chairs in the middle of the ring and gets E.Y. in position to deliver a Twist of Fate through the chairs but Eric Young counters and delivers an insane Piledriver on Hardy through the chairs! E.Y. pins Jeff Hardy but Hardy kicks out! Eric Young starts to set up a table in the ring but Jeff Hardy begins to climb to escape and Young has to give chase to stop him. Hardy knocks E.Y. off the top rope and hits 2 Twists of Fate on Eric Young. Hardy sets up Young on the table in the middle of the ring, kicks Bram off the side of the ring, and begins to climb to the top of the cage. Jeff Hardy delivers a Swanton Bomb off the top of the Six Sides of Steel Cage on E.Y. as both men crash through the table! Jeff Hardy pins E.Y. for a 3 count to get his revenge! Awesome match, and Jeff Hardy celebrates with his Creatures of the Night.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

IMPACT World Title Match Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy enters with Hardy Family, followed by the entrance of The Champion Drew Galloway. Tyrus stays in the ring and starts to take off his street clothes and is in his Wrestling Gear. He calls for the microphone from Jeremy Borash to declare his intentions but Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway start the match before he has the chance. Matt Hardy gets the upper hand on Drew Galloway with some big clotheslines and running bulldog. Drew seems to be feeling his title defense last week against Jeff Hardy. The Hardy Family starts to inject themselves behind the referee’s back after Matt Hardy hits a huge Side Effect on Drew Galloway on the apron. Rockstar Spud puts a keylock on a downed Drew Galloway and disappears back under the ring. Matt Hardy whips the champion Galloway into the steel steps knees first. Hardy rolls Galloway back into the ring and delivers some elbows to the back of Galloway’s neck. Matt Hardy hits a neck breaker and covers the champ but only gets a 2 count. Matt and Drew go back and forth with unloading loud, sharp, chops and punches. Drew Galloway climbs to the second rope but Matt is able to stop him and delivers a Gutwrench suplex from the second rope on Galloway. Matt Hardy acts like he hurt his ankle while Rockstar Spud attempts a flying cross body off the top rope onto Galloway. Galloway catches Rockstar Spud and suplexes him, but Matt hits Drew Galloway with his boot that he removed while ‘checking’ his ankle. Matt Hardy climbs to the second rope to deliver a leg drop but gets caught mid air by the champ Drew Galloway who delivers the Future Shock DDT. Galloway covers but gets pulled out of the ring on the referee’s count of 2 by Tyrus. Suddenly Jeff Hardy appears and delivers a Twist of Fate on Tyrus on the outside. Matt Hardy delivers a Twist of Fate on Drew Galloway in the ring and covers but the champ Drew Galloway kicks out on 2. Matt Hardy goes for another Twist of Fate but Galloway counters and locks in the Iron Maiden submission, and Matt Hardy taps out!

WINNER: IMPACT World Champion Drew Galloway


WrestleCon Results (4/2): Dallas, TX
Posted on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016- filed under Other Results, WrestleCon.

Matt Hardy (w/ Reby Sky) defeated Lance Storm (w/ Missy Hyatt). They announced this was Missy Hyatt’s last wrestling appearance.

Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss, Andrew Everett, AR Fox, Pentagon Jr., and Trevor Lee in a Monster’s Ball match.

Credit: ProWrestlingScoops.com

Impact Wrestling Results – March 29th, 2016
Posted on Friday, April 1st, 2016- filed under Impact Results.

1919 Captures | Digitals | Matt’s Match Video | Jeff’s Match Video
Match 1: EC3 vs Hardy Family
EC3 and Tyrus start the match off but Rockstar Spud tries a sneak attack but gets caught by EC3. The distraction gives Tyrus the edge and he clobbers EC3 from behind. EC3 gets worked over by Tyrus with some body punches but is able to escape and deliver some chops of his own on the big man. EC3 knocks Matt and Rockstar Spud off the ring apron but stops short of punching Reby Hardy. The momentary pause allows Tyrus to stay in control and he delivers a big T-Bone Suplex on EC3. Big Slam, Elbow Drop, Press cover applied by Tyrus on EC3, but Ethan Carter is able to kick out. Another Elbow Drop across the lower back of EC3 and Tyrus does some push-ups on him while he is down. Tyrus key locks EC3 and tags in Rockstar Spud who unloads a flury of vengeful punches on EC3. Tyrus tags back in and EC3 is able to get in some punches on him in the corner. Tyrus cuts EC3’s offense short by dropping him throat first on the top rope and tags Rockstar Spud back in. Tyrus and Spud deliver a tandem Slam/Splash into a pin but EC3 is able to kick out. We see Mike Bennett and Maria watching at ringside with interest. Tyrus tags back in and works the ribs and body of EC3 again until he tags in The Iconic Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy goes to work on EC3 with more punches to the head. He gains full control and holds EC3 while Reby Hardy slaps Ethan Carter III across the face multiple times from the outside. Matt tags in Rockstar Spud, and he delivers another kick to EC3’s stomach. Front facelock applied by Rockstar Spud on EC3 and tag in to Tyrus who double axe handle smashes EC3. Tyrus wears down EC3 with some nerve holds on the neck, but EC3 stays alive by sitting out smashing Tyrus face into his head. Tyrus tags to Spud who starts to choke EC3 with his wrist wrap. A back suplex delivered by EC3 on Spud gives Ethan Carter a minute to breath. Matt Hardy comes in to make sure they can keep EC3 down, but EC3 is able to battle back and take Matt and Tyrus out of the match. EC3 overhead presses Rockstar Spud for a big slam, but Spud rakes his eyes and is able to worm free. Rockstar Spud calls for The Twist of Fate, Matt Hardy’s finisher, but EC3 reverses out and applies The Cobra Clutch on Rockstar Spud. Spud is just about to tap out but a ‘Miracle’ happens and Mike Bennett runs into the ring and starts laying kicks to EC3 repeatedly. Tyrus and Matt Hardy deliver even more brutal body blows to EC3 until Beer Money runs down the IMPACT entrance to run The Hardy Family and Bennett out of the ring.

Storm and Roode let everyone know that they love to fight and they heard all the noise out here. So Beer Money plays match maker and makes an on the spot 6-Man Tag Match between Beer Money w/ EC3 vs Matt Hardy, Tyrus, and Mike Bennett!


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