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Impact Wrestling Results – February 9th, 2016
Posted on Saturday, February 13th, 2016- filed under Impact Results.

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Impact Wrestling Results – February 2nd, 2016
Posted on Friday, February 5th, 2016- filed under Impact Results.

1102 Captures | Digitals | In-Ring Promo Video | Match Video
Matt Hardy comes down to the ring along with Reby Sky and Tyrus as footage of the injury to Jeff from last week is shown. Matt says sometimes you have to work with people you hate and make tough decisions about people you love. The fans chant “we want Jeff” but Matt says the fans won’t get Jeff because he made the mistake to claim that Matt was tarnishing the title. He said that karma hit Jeff in the form of a Piledriver through a table. Matt says that Jeff’s “peg leg” couldn’t run away from his past fast enough this time.

Reby says that it didn’t have to be this way but after years and years of people saying that Matt was living in Jeff’s shadow this was bound to happy to prove that it wasn’t true. Reby says that Jeff is just jealous that Matt won the World Title fair and square. She says that Jeff’s jealously has resulted in him ending up injured and back at home.

Matt says that what happened to Jeff wasn’t personal, it was just great business for the “Matt Hardy Brand.” Eric Young and Bram interrupt Matt and EY says that Jeff Hardy is never coming back because of him and THAT is good business. He says that Bobby Roode cost him the World Title and he took his belt, and Jeff Hardy took his #1 Contenders spot so he took Jeff’s career! EY says he has no problem with Matt and says he is a great World Champion, but he needs to know that the World Title goes through him. Tyrus gets in EY’s face but Bram steps up and gets in Tyrus’ face.


Impact Wrestling Results – January 26th, 2016
Posted on Thursday, January 28th, 2016- filed under Impact Results.

1223 Captures | Digitals | Backstage Video | In-Ring Promo Video | Match Video
A Hardy Confrontation
Jeff Hardy says he was shocked and sickened by Matt Hardy’s actions in last week’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship match against Ethan Carter III. Matt Hardy enters with Reby and Tyrus on his side. To the ire of Reby, Jeff declares this a family matter, attempting to rid Matt of his cohorts.

Reby says she’s Matt’s wife and the mother of his child – that she’s been there when the world turned its back on Matt – and when Jeff abandoned him to play a “Redneck Evel Knievel.” She adds that Matt has always put the needs of others before his own, and credits herself with Matt’s change in attitude.

Reby tells Jeff he’s no longer needed – by Matt, or the family. Matt asks Jeff why he can’t be happy for him and wonders if it’s because Jeff Hardy is now living in the shadows. He proposes The Hardys go their separate ways, so that he may go on to become the greatest champion in the history of the industry.

Jeff challenges Matt to a title match; Reby whispers to Matt and he accepts.

World Heavyweight Championship | Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (c) w/ Reby and Tyrus
The opening bell just sounds when Eric Young bursts into the arena. He claims to be the king of wrestling and the rightful number one contender. Bram attacks Jeff Hardy from behind and the bell sounds again.

Result: No Contest

Post-Match: Matt Hardy looks on as Eric Young and Bram assault Jeff. They set up a table ringside while Reby whispers to Matt and presses him backwards. Beery Money charges into the arena, but Crazzy Steve and Abyss aren’t far behind; they all battle to the back.

Kurt Angle is out next to aid Jeff, but Tyrus assaults him and Matt Hardy drills him in the face with the World Title! Matt, Reby and Tyrus leave as Eric Young piledrives Jeff from the apron through a table!


Impact Wrestling Results – January 19th, 2016
Posted on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016- filed under Impact Results.

2171 Captures | Digitals | Jeff’s Match Video | Backstage Video | Matt’s Match Video
A Hardy Concern
Jeff Hardy expresses uneasiness about his brother’s impending Last Man Standing title vs. career match with Ethan Carter III. He says something’s off – that it doesn’t feel right. He invites Matt to the ring.

Jeff tells Matt about a weird vibe he has and that he’s uncomfortable about the main event. Matt says he’s accepted the risk because he’s let his brother, fans and family down. Matt says he has a feeling that it’s a night to gamble.

Matt declares he’ll become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and end EC3’s undefeated streak.

Tyrus interrupts a raucous “Hardy” chant to say that The Hardys have dreams, but that one wrong dream can become a nightmare. He disregards Matt, saying EC3’s got him later, but that Jeff has committed personal offenses. He challenges Jeff; Jeff accepts.

Singles Match | Jeff Hardy vs. Tyrus
Tyrus overpowers Jeff with a quick shoulder tackle. Hardy motions for the Whisper in the Wind, but his leg gives out on the top rope and he crashes to the mat. Jeff heavily favors his leg and Tyrus targets his assault.

Unable to reach his feet, Tyrus exits the ring and pulls Jeff into the ring post. He grabs a steel chair that the official takes away. Tyrus assaults the referee, earning a disqualification.

Result: Jeff Hardy def. Tyrus (via DQ)

Post-Match: Jeff Hardy counters a spike with a Twist of Fate.


Posted on Saturday, January 16th, 2016- filed under Matt YouTube Videos.

Matt Hardy on PWTorch Livecast
Posted on Friday, January 15th, 2016- filed under Interviews & Articles.

Impact Wrestling Results – January 5th, 2016
Posted on Friday, January 8th, 2016- filed under Impact Results.

1420 Captures | Digitals | Match #1 Video | Match #2 Video
World Title Series: Semi-Final | Eric Young vs. Matt Hardy
Eric Young says he damaged Matt Hardy beyond repair. He instructs the official to count Hardy out. Before the count begins, Hardy storms into the arena and sends Young overhead onto the ramp.

Young is quick to regain control through a series of cheap shots and illegal holds. He sends Hardy out of the ring. Young tears up the ringside floor padding, exposing a block of concrete beneath. Just as Hardy begins coming back, Young delivers a back suplex onto the stairs.

Young stomps Hardy’s face onto the top step and at every turn, he thwarts any of Hardy’s defense. It’s not until Hardy connects with a series of back elbows and a bulldog that he begins shifting momentum.

Hardy connects with a Side Effect and sets up a Twist of Fate, but Young counters and both men spill through the ropes to the exposed concrete. Young delivers a devastating piledriver!

Jeff Hardy rushes to ringside. Young baseballs slides into Jeff, sending him into the guardrail. He then rolls Matt under the ropes and climbs atop the turnbuckle. As he flies, Hardy catches him mid-air with a Twist of Fate for the win!

Result: Matt Hardy def. Eric Young – Matt Hardy advances to the World Title Series final


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