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Edge & Christian Talk About ... New Hardys T-Shirts on ROH ... Magazine Scans Added: 2001-2008
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Alfred Konuwa of Forbes recently interviewed Edge and Christian. The two talked about their podcast, Paige, and if the Broken Universe would work in WWE.

Another budding story could see The Hardy Boyz, longtime rivals of Edge and Christian in the Attitude Era, return to WWE as the promotion has reportedly made them an offer. Though WWE tends to bring in legends as nostalgia acts rather than newer incarnations developed outside of the promotion, like Bully Ray who was brought in strictly as Bubba Ray Dudley for his 2015-16 run in WWE, both Edge and Christian are fans of the Broken Universe and feel it can work in front of a mainstream crowd.

“Crazier things have worked on that mainstream of scale,” said Edge citing the success of The Undertaker whose gimmick of a human zombie is quite ridiculous when laid out on-paper.

“It’s all about reinventing yourself,” said Christian.

“You could probably be The Hardy Boyz, stick your two fingers up, make that ride from town to town and hope that people follow along with that nostalgia. Instead, they’ve taken the bull by the horns and reinvented themselves and stayed current, stayed fresh and keep people talking, and that’s what it’s all about.”

“You could probably be The Hardy Boyz, stick your two fingers up, make that ride from town to town and hope that people follow along with that nostalgia. Instead, they’ve taken the bull by the horns and reinvented themselves and stayed current, stayed fresh and keep people talking, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Edge concurred, saying “wrestling is all about reinvention, and if you don’t reinvent yourself, you’re going to get stagnant and people are going to get bored. I think back to when I came back from my first neck surgery and I came back as the babyface that I was when I left. I went in to my hometown of Toronto with the IC title against [Chris] Jericho and Batista and got booed.”

“Matt and Jeff are smart enough, particularly Matt—who is very hands-on with all of the incarnations of his character—to try stuff. I haven’t seen a whole lot of it, I’ve seen a couple of things and I thought it was hilarious and awesome.”

Click Here to read the rest of the article.

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: March 25th
 Categories: Interviews & Articles

Featured above are the two new Hardys shirts that ROH has added to their online store. Be sure to check them out!

Order the Jeff And Matt Hardy “2 Face” T-Shirt
Order the Jeff And Matt Hardy “Enigma Maze” T-Shirt

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: March 25th
 Categories: ROH Shop

I’ve added several sets of magazine scans. Most of the scans are from old editions of RAW Magazine and WWE Magazine, but I thought you all might enjoy them.

RAW Magazine
April 2001 Issue
July 2001 Issue
October 2001 Issue
December 2001 Issue
February 2002 – Best of 2001 Issue
July 2002 Issue
October 2002 Issue
September 2002 Issue
August 2003 Issue
January 2004 Issue

WWE Magazine
February 2002 Issue
October 2002 Issue

PWI Magazine
November 2008 Issue

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: March 18th
 Categories: Gallery Additions

942 Captures | Video
Vegas Street Fight for the ROH Tag Team Titles
Let’s see how much of the match we can keep up with… RPG crushed everyone with trash cans immediately. The Bucks hit Rocky with a springboard X-Factor, but he dodged the Meltzer Driver and took them both out. Trent took out Matt Jackson with a trash can lid to the face, but the Hardyz hit the ring and dumped him to the outside. We got a stare down between the Broken ones and the Bucks, but RPG kept trying to get back into the match, so they powerbombed Trent into the ramp. The Bucks hit stereo superkicks to Matt and Jeff, but came up empty on their attempts at the Jeff Hardy second rope leg drop. Jeff introduced a ladder into the match but Rocky dropkicked it into his face. Trent returned to the ring but Jeff promptly smashed him in the face with another trash can. Matt Jackson with a superkick to Jeff, Matt Hardy with a sit-down powerbomb, but Nick caught him with a superkick to break up the pin. Trent got absolutely destroyed, tossed into the ladder, and all the guys ended up kicking each other to the floor. Nick Jackson climbed a ladder, and used it to springboard off the ropes to take down the entire pile of humanity. The Bucks then went to work on Trent again, with Nick hitting a 450 splash through a trash can. Matt Hardy started literally biting on Nick’s face, until Matt Jackson caught him with another superkick. RPG takes superkicks, Matt hits the Side Effect on Nick, but one of the Bucks got his knees up to counter a Swanton Bomb from Jeff. Rocky brings a bag into the ring and takes out… a sleeve covered in thumb tacks. He hits clotheslines on everyone in the corners, before RPG hits Strong Zero on one of the Bucks for a very close nearfall. Trent now has another bag and dumps out a bunch of thumbtacks, and the crowd loses their minds. The Bucks caught him with superkicks and plant him with a facebuster into the tacks! Matt Jackson gets a handful of thumbtacks, puts them in Trent’s mouth, and Nick superkicks him! HOLY ***! They pick up Rocky and kill him with the Meltzer Driver into the tacks! Matt Hardy recovers and the brothers hit Twist of Fates on the Bucks, but everyone lands on the tacks and they’re all dead. Eventually Jeff grabs a ladder as Matt gets a table and they’re set up in the ring; the table is missing a leg, so it gets set up on the ropes. Trent gets put on the table, and Jeff hits him with a Swanton Bomb off the top of the ladder, into the thumbtacks. 1…2…3. Winners and Still Champions: The Broken Hardyz!

The Hardyz celebrated their victory as a sea of bodies and hardware littered the ring. They stole the Young Bucks’ Superkick Championships and left with them!

Credit: WrestleZone.com

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: March 11th
 Categories: PPV Results, ROH Results

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: March 9th
 Categories: Matt YouTube Videos

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: March 8th
 Categories: Impact Results

Tonight, March 4th, at Ring of Honor‘s Manhattan Mayhem, Matt and Jeff Hardy showed up unannounced and captured the ROH Tag Team Titles from The Young Bucks. They announced that they have signed with ROH for the biggest contracts in ROH and turned down an opportunity to sign with WWE.

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: March 4th
 Categories: ROH Results