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Mini Bio: The Hardys are quite possibly the greatest tag-team to ever step foot inside a wrestling ring. They sky-rocketed to success in the WWE during the nineties and have held tag-team gold a staggering eight times.Since then, the brothers have embarked on .... (Read More)
Xtrememory Flashback: SmackDown ... Hardys vs Young Bucks 2 FULL MATCH Impact Wrestling Results – ...
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Xtrememory Flashback: SmackDown – December 16th, 1999
Posted on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015- filed under Flashback Matches.

31 Captures | Match Video
I’ve uploaded a flashback match from the SmackDown December 16th, 1999, where Matt Hardy faced Jeff Hardy.

Hardys vs Young Bucks 2 FULL MATCH
Posted on Monday, February 23rd, 2015- filed under Matt YouTube Videos.

Impact Wrestling Results – February 20th, 2015
Posted on Sunday, February 22nd, 2015- filed under Impact Results.

208 Captures | Digitals | Match Video
Matt Hardy & The Wolves vs. The Revolution
The Wolves and Hardy attack The Revolution on the ramp. Hardy and Davey Richards double-team Manik in the ring. The Wolves and Matt Hardy sound off with a loud howl before order is restored to the match. Hardy dives toward Manik, who moves – sending Hardy to the outside.

Outside the ring, Khoya takes a cheap shot on Hardy before James Storm takes control of the match. Storm and Abyss exchange tags as they work to isolate Matt Hardy from The Wolves. Storm tags Manik, who catches Hardy with back drop. Manik puts Hardy in a headlock.

Hardy breaks the hold before catching Manik with a Side Effect. Hardy crawls toward his corner. Storm grabs Hardy by the ankle, but Hardy kicks out and tags both members of The Wolves. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards double team James Storm – then Manik – and finally Abyss. They send “The Monster” Abyss into Khoya and Sanada, who are at ringside.

The Wolves suicide dive onto Abyss, Khoya and Sanada. Then, Hardy and The Wolves triple team Manik and get the pinfall.

Winners: Matt Hardy and The Wolves

Post-match: The Revolution attacks Hardy and The Wolves. Then, Storm orders Abyss to Black Hole slam Manik, as punishment for the loss. The Revolution carries Manik away as they leave.


Posted on Friday, February 20th, 2015- filed under Matt YouTube Videos.

Impact Wrestling Results – February 13th, 2015
Posted on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015- filed under Impact Results.

367 Captures | Digitals | Video
Matt Gives an Update on Jeff’s Condition
Matt Hardy enters the arena to offer an update on his brother’s condition. A video recaps Jeff Hardy’s crash onto the steel steps last week.

Matt says that because Jeff loves the business so much, he’s taken incredible risks to create iconic moments. Matt said that after those moments, he’s used to a thumbs up – or a gleam in his brother’s eyes, to let him know that everything would be okay.

He says that following that fall from the cage, he didn’t get a thumbs up – and all he saw was emptiness – a broken Jeff Hardy.

James Storm, with the rest of The Revolution, interrupts. Storm said he did what the likes of Edge & Christian, Team 3D, Lashley – even The Undertaker couldn’t do. He says he put down Jeff Hardy, because in his story – heroes never win.

Storm says Matt Hardy has two options – to join The Revolution, or to be set up in a bed next to his brother.

Matt attacks! He’s easily overpowered by The Revolution 4-on-1. Storm says it’s an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. He says in this case, they’ll just take Matt Hardy’s arm. Storm instructs The Revolution to lift him up, but The Wolves make the save!


Xplosion Match: The Hardys vs MVP & Kenny King
Posted on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015- filed under Impact YouTube Videos.

Impact Wrestling Results – February 6th, 2015
Posted on Sunday, February 8th, 2015- filed under Impact Results.

580 Captures | Digitals | Match Video
World Tag Team Championship Match
The Hardys vs. The Revolution (c)
The Hardys enter to excite the “creatures!” They’re followed by the tag team champions, James Storm and Abyss, accompanied by the rest of the Revolution.

The fight breaks out before the bell – and the Hardys connect with a flurry of offense. Matt and Jeff Hardy dominate the tornado-style tag team match, connecting with dropkicks and aerial assaults.

Manik climbs inside the cage to interfere. The Hardys double team Manik and handcuff him to the middle rope. However, the distraction allows James Storm to connect with a low blow to Jeff Hardy. Storm charges and pummels Matt Hardy with a club to the head. Then, with Abyss, he double teams Jeff.

The Revolution shifts the momentum as they drive the Hardys face-first into the cage. Storm and Abyss ram Matt’s face into the cage again, leaving him reeling in reach of Manik. Storm and Abyss shift their focus and close in on Jeff.

Abyss catapults Jeff Hardy into a DDT from Storm. Matt Hardy regroups and catches Storm with a hard right to the face. Matt charges Abyss and he’s slammed to the mat. Storm stands on the shoulders of Abyss and jumps toward Matt – he connects with a huge elbow drop! Abyss follows up with a splash.