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Posted on Tuesday, January 27th, 2015- filed under Matt YouTube Videos.

AML Wrestling Results – January 25th, 2015
Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2015- filed under AML Wrestling, Other Results.

Matt Hardy def. Zane Dawson and X-Pac to retain the Wrestlecade Championship.

Impact Wrestling Results – January 23rd, 2015
Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2015- filed under Impact Results.

446 Captures | Digitals | Match Video
Matt Hardy vs. James Storm
Matt kicks Storm and goes right for a Twist of Fate, but Storm rolls outside so Matt kicks him through the ropes and hiptosses him on the ramp. Matt rolls him in but Storm goes right back to the floor, then Matt chases him down and smashes Storm head off of the steps a few times. He sends Storm back in the ring and sets him up in the corner, but Storm catches him with a lung blower before he wraps Matt’s legs around the ropes. Storm punches Matt and and hits the ropes, but Matt connects with a Side Effect for two before he lifts Storm back up, but Storm catches him with Closing Time, then he sets up a Last Call superkick, but Matt ducks and tries to attack. Storm counters and goes for the Eye of the Storm, but Hardy floats over and catches him with a rollup for the win.

Winner – Matt Hardy

Storm asks for a handshake but Hardy tells him to piss off, then Abyss attacks Hardy from behind and Storm hits Last Call before Abyss goes under the ring. Abyss brings “Janice” back into the ring, but Jeff Hardy makes the save by hitting “Janice” out of Abyss’ hands with a chair, and dropping him with a jawbreaker. Jeff says he wants another match with Abyss, and he asks for the fans to chant for a Monster’s Ball match.

Credit: WrestleZone.com

Matt Hardy on Human Podcast Machine with Taz
Posted on Thursday, January 22nd, 2015- filed under Interviews & Articles.

Taz has a conversation with Matt Hardy, currently with TNA wrestling, talking about his career and working with his brother. Stay tuned to hear a special Taz Tale where Taz pulls the curtain to bring you behind the scenes of the original ECW invasion of WWF.

Click Here to listen to the interview.

Xtrememory Flashback: RAW – April 17th, 2000
Posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015- filed under Gallery Additions, Video Site Additions.

55 Captures | Match Video
It’s been a while since we’ve had a flashback match. So thanks to Melissa, we can have a high-quality flashback match from the April 17, 2000 episode of RAW, where Matt and Jeff faced off against Eddie Guerrero and Essa Rios! Enjoy!

Posted on Monday, January 19th, 2015- filed under Matt YouTube Videos.

Impact Wrestling Results – January 16th, 2015
Posted on Monday, January 19th, 2015- filed under Impact Results.

658 Captures | Digitals | Video
The Hardys vs. The Wolves
Matt Hardy and Eddie Edwards begin the match. Matt controls Edwards early and tags out to Jeff. The Hardys exchange in their strategy to isolate Eddie Edwards. Davey Richards sneaks in a tag unbeknownst to The Hardys.

Matt and Jeff again exchange rapid tags to isolate Davey Richards. Jeff takes a cheap shot on Eddie Edwards, sending him into the guardrail. The Wolves furiously battle back and isolate Matt Hardy in the process.

Matt stumbles around the ring and Davey Richards catches him with a huge right forearm. Matt’s laid out in the center of the ring as Davey flies off the top rope. Matt rolls out of the way and catches Richards with a Side Effect.

Both men crawl to their corners and Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards infuse the match with a quickened pace! Matt Hardy slows the pace by catching both members of The Wolves with a DDT to the arena floor! As The Wolves rise, Jeff Hardy runs along then flies from the top rope!

The Hardys double team Eddie Edwards until Edwards raises his knees to counter a Swanton from Jeff Hardy. Matt breaks the count, but Davey Richards is able to counter Matt. The Wolves attempt a double team to Jeff, but Matt rushes back onto the apron and makes the blind tag to Jeff.

Matt catches Eddie Edwards with another Side Effect before attempting a Twist of Fate. Edwards counters, sending Matt into Jeff, who’s poised on the top rope. Eddie Edwards stalks Matt Hardy and connects with a Twist of Fate of his own! He makes the cover – but Jeff interrupts the count with a Swanton!

Jeff Hardy tosses Davey Richards over the top rope and then connects with a Twist of Fate on Eddie Edwards! Matt hoists Edwards onto his shoulders and The Hardys connect with a double Twist of Fate for the three count!

Winners: The Hardys