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The Hardys

Names: Matt & Jeff Hardy
From: Cameron, NC
Mini Bio: The Hardys are quite possibly the greatest tag-team to ever step foot inside a wrestling ring. They sky-rocketed to success in the WWE during the nineties and have held tag-team gold a staggering eight times. Since then, the brothers have embarked on impressive singles careers, capturing respective heavyweight titles along the way.

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The Hardys vs. The BroMans
DJ Z locks up with Matt Hardy at the opening bell. DJ Z catches Matt with a side headlock; Matt counters with a handful of hair. Matt drives DJ Z’s face into the mat as Jeff Hardy counters an offended Jessie.

The Hardys double team DJ Z; Jeff follows with a pin attempt. DJ Z’s out at two, then he makes the tag to Jessie. Jeff maintains control over Jessie and tags his brother Matt. The Hardys double team Jessie. DJ Z rushes into the ring. His distraction allows the momentum to shift as Jessie connects with a standing drop kick.

DJ Z tags in. Matt connects with a Side Effect. DJ Z and Matt crawl to their corners and Jeff and Jessie collide. Jeff drops Jessie with a face buster, but DJ Z interrupts what may have been a three-count. Jeff fights off DJ Z and tags Matt. Matt scores a Twist of Fate that Jeff follows up with a Swanton Bomb! Matt makes the cover on Jessie for three.

Winners: The Hardys


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The Hardys vs. The Young Bucks
Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy) b. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) (17:21). They played pre-taped promos before & during the show from both teams. The Young Bucks, during the match & in the pretape, played the young upstart, cocky heels. On the flip side, Matt & Jeff Hardy were the confident, experienced faces, although Matt Hardy did show a tinge of his heel persona from ROH in the pretape promo. The Young Bucks didn’t receive much of a reaction other than a smattering of boos. There was a small vocal group of Young Bucks fans, but they were drowned out by the majority of Hardy Boyz fans. Matt & Nick Jackson are tremendous heels & worked the crowd real well. They laid out Jeff Hardy outside the ring with chair shots & Matt Hardy had to fight from underneath.

Jeff in the meantime hid under the ring until his legs showed sticking out from underneath the ring. When the Young Bucks went to grab him, Jeff reappeared under the Willow gimmick & attacked both of the Jackson’s with a chair. The Young Bucks eventually laid out Willow & Jeff later reappeared as himself again. The finish of the match saw both Hardy Boyz knocking Matt Jackson out of the ring & then hitting their Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb combo for the winning pin on Nick Jackson. This sent the fans home happy with the Young Bucks vowing revenge.

Credit: PWInsider.com

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Matt Hardy vs. Magnus
The two lock up but the immediately start exchanging a series of offenses leading to Hardy attempting to pin. Hardy continues but an obviously flustered Magnus leaves the ring to catch his composure. Hardy follows but Magnus is ready, first smashing his spine into the ring post then the edge of the ring.

Magnus dominates back inside the ring with more pin attempts. Matt manages to pull the match back in his favor for a short period but Magnus was able to regain and continue his domination of the match. Magnus puts Hardy into a submission hold, Hardy attempts to get out of it but is responded to with a series of offenses that were unsuccessful and control returned in Hardy’s favor.

Continuing the series of offenses Hardy does a moonsault into a near pinfall. Magnus makes pin attempts using the ropes for leverage but is caught by the referee. While distracted Matt managed to pull off a twist of fate on Magnus and pick up the pin for the win.

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Full Metal Mayhem!
The bell sounds and Full Metal Mayhem is mayhem to start! Taz and Mike Tenay mention that Davey Richards suffered a break in his leg – and they question whether or not he’ll be 100% in the match. They also note that Devon is competing with a tear in his groin.

Devon sets up two tables while Bully bounces a chair off of Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy attempts to climb a ladder, but Bully pulls him from the ladder. Bully tries to climb, but he’s stopped by Davey Richards. Davey attempts to climb and Jeff Hardy makes the save. Devon rushes into the ring and drops Hardy. Devon attempts a go and Matt Hardy pulls him down.

Eddie Edwards introduces a chair into the ring, but Matt Hardy counters, sending Eddie face-first into the chair. The Wolves regroup and double team Matt Hardy. Davey Richards drops Matt Hardy neck first onto a chair!

The Wolves attempt to double team Jeff Hardy. They whip Jeff into the ropes and Bully takes the moment to send Davey Richards out of the ring. Bully catches Jeff, then he and Eddie Edwards trade blows. Matt Hardy powers through them both with a clothesline.

Bully Ray and Matt Hardy superplex Eddie Edwards! Devon takes a piece of steel guardrail and creates a bridge between the ring and the steps. Devon attempts to suplex Davey Richards from the ring, but Davey counters with a headbut.

Devon falls back onto the guardrail. Davey howls, attempting to climb the turnbuckle. He’s going to fly onto Devon, but Bully interrupts. Bully powerbombs Davey out of the ring, onto the guardrail bridge!!!

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