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Matt Hardy Makes A Shocking ... Bound For Glory Results – ... Beth Hardy Discusses Jeff ...
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Matt Hardy Makes A Shocking Announcement!
Posted on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015- filed under Impact YouTube Videos.

Bound For Glory Results – October 4th, 2015
Posted on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015- filed under TNA PPV Results.

1364 Captures | 18 Digitals | Match Video
Ethan Carter III (c) vs. Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy
Special Guest Referee: Jeff Hardy

The bell sounds and Jeff Hardy immediately ejects Tyrus from ringside. Hardy and Galloway take off against Carter! Hardy clotheslines Carter over the top rope; Galloway rolls him up for a two-count.

Hardy catches Galloway with a back elbow; Galloway scores a neckbreaker from the second rope. Galloway pummels Carter with a headbutt; Hardy catches Galloway with a neckbreaker.

Carter dropkicks both of his challengers. He sends Hardy to the floor and then he and Galloway trade blows; Carter earns a two-count. Galloway and Carter meet with a double crossbody, setting Hardy up to deliver a series of clotheslines.

Carter counters a Twist of Fate by driving Hardy through the ropes! Galloway suicide dives over the top rope; Carter dives to safety as Hardy takes the full impact! Carter drives Galloway into the barricade and then he pulls a table from beneath the ring.

Carter places the table and drags Galloway onto the stairs. He sets up for a powerbomb; Galloway counters, driving Carter onto the stairs with a cradle piledriver!

Galloway rolls Carter into the ring for a two-count! Hardy drops Galloway and Carter, earning himself a two count. Carter sends Matt into Jeff. Matt Hardy delivers a Side Effect; there is no count!


Beth Hardy Discusses Jeff Hardy’s PCL Injury
Posted on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015- filed under News.

Beth Hardy, wife of Jeff Hardy, posted on Twitter a clarification about Jeff’s PLC injury:

Clarification: Jeff’s PCL tear is not a new injury. It happened when he broke his leg. After the swelling went down it was obvious something was wrong. MRI confirmed the tear.

Distance Lyric Video – Created by Reby Sky
Posted on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015- filed under News.

Impact Wrestling Results – September 30th, 2015
Posted on Friday, October 2nd, 2015- filed under Impact Results.

547 Captures | 8 Digitals | Match Video
Matt Hardy & Drew Galloway vs. EC3 & Tyrus
Carter and Galloway are the first legal men. They come face-to-face; EC3 backs up, allowing Tyrus to tag. Tyrus overpowers Galloway; Hardy makes the tag. Hardy and Galloway double team Tyrus. Tyrus is quick to overcome Hardy and bring in the champion.

Carter and Hardy trade blows; Hardy scores a side Russian leg sweep and bulldog. Carter comes back with a standing dropkick. Carter drags Hardy to the corner and brings in Tyrus, who connects with a splash. Tyrus applies a pressure-point hold that turns into a choke.

Tyrus shoves Hardy into the corner and Carter nails a splash. Galloway sends Carter from the ring, which distracts the official. Tyrus and Carter workover Hardy again; Tyrus drops onto Hardy. Tyrus remains in control as the crowd comes alive for Hardy. Tyrus distracts the official, allowing EC3 an opportunity to choke Hardy using the ropes.

Carter chokes him again; Tyrus drops him with a splash. Carter’s in with a headlock; Hardy scores a Side Effect! Hardy makes the tag and Galloway punishes EC3! Galloway connects with a diving clothesline; Carter delivers a jawbreaker. Tyrus tags in as Galloway catches Carter with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Galloway makes the cover, but Tyrus drops an elbow to the back of his head. Tyrus sets Galloway up for a powerbomb, but Hardy comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Hardy drops Tyrus with a Twist of Fate and Galloway drives through him with a single leg running dropkick for the win.

Result: Drew Galloway & Matt Hardy def. Tyru & Ethan Carter III

Post-match: Dixie Carter enters the Impact Zone. She announces the main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and that it will be a fair fight because there’s a special guest referee: Jeff Hardy!


The Hardys on Fox 46 Charlotte
Posted on Friday, October 2nd, 2015- filed under News.

Posted on Friday, October 2nd, 2015- filed under Matt YouTube Videos.

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