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PWX “Rise of a Champion ... Jeff Jarrett On Matt Hardy’s ... Impact Wrestling Results – ...
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Sami Callihan defeated Jeff Hardy with a Twist of Fate.

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: February 19th
 Categories: Other Results

Jeff Jarrett mentioned Matt in a recent interview with The Sun.

Jarrett said: “I prefer to call it match-making or booking, because Matt, Jeff and ‘Broken Brilliance’ – they are the creators of that.

“You just have to put them in positions and let them run with it. I think that’s part of the magic of our business is that we don’t really write stories but document them.

“Matt Hardy has reinvented himself in a unique way, and with Jeremy Borash and how it is edited, it is groundbreaking and it is revolutionising different story aspects.”

He continued: “When you look down in history, whether it was The Rock or Stone Cold, they are the perfect example that you can be given the ball, but you then have to run with it.

“Matt was given the ball, and he ran with it.”

Click Here to read the rest of the article.

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: February 18th
 Categories: Interviews & Articles

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: February 17th
 Categories: Impact Results

I’ve updated my scans from WWE Magazine, July 2003. I’ve adjusted the lighting, so that you can read the articles better. An article from the May 1999 issue of RAW Magazine has also been added. Lastly, I’ve added a couple scans from a 2003 RAW/SmackDown event program.

View WWE Magazine Scans
View RAW Magazine Scan
View WWE 2003 Event Program Scans

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: February 17th
 Categories: Gallery Additions

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: February 16th
 Categories: Other YouTube Videos

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: February 15th
 Categories: Impact Results

 Posted by: Kris
 Date: February 15th
 Categories: Impact Results