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 Posted by: Kris    Date: May 24th 2024    Categories: Impact Results, TNA Results

Broken Matt Hardy and Ryan Nemeth vs. Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers in a non-title match
Ryan Nemeth hits a crossbody press from the top rope on Brian Myers to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Moose hits the ring and helps his stablemates in The System beat down Hardy and Nemeth. Moose goes outside of the ring to grab a steel chair and hands it off to Eddie Edwards, who opens it and puts it on Ryan’s head in the corner turnbuckle.

Before they can injure Ryan, Nic Nemeth returns and attacks The System, sending them running and saving his brother from a similar fate.

Santino Marella congratulates Broken Matt Hardy and Ryan Nemeth on their win tonight. Marella officially announces that Moose will defend his TNA World Championship against Broken Matt Hardy at Against All Odds. Marella also says that Ryan and Nic Nemeth will challenge The System for the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: May 17th 2024    Categories: Impact Results, TNA Results

Matt Hardy, Eric Young, Joe Hendry, Sami Callihan, Ryan Nemeth, Steph De Lander, and Spitfire vs. Moose, Mustafa Ali, Eddie Edwards, Jordynne Grace, Masha Slamovich, Laredo Kid, Alisha Edwards, and Masha Slamovich in a Champions Challenge match
Mustafa Ali walks out on his team after being frustrated that no one would tag him into the match. Joe Hendry hits Brian Myers with The Standing Ovation to score the pinfall victory for his team.

As the winning team celebrates, PCO comes to the ring and presents Steph De Lander with a black rose out of his black bag as TNA iMPACT goes off the air.

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: May 10th 2024    Categories: Impact Results

Broken Matt Hardy interrupts the video package and makes his way to the ring. Hardy congratulates The System for winning the battle at Under Siege, but the war is far from over. Hardy says nothing is going to stop him from procuring the TNA Championship. The Broken One says after Under Siege he understands The System a little bit better and knows now what he must do to render The system Obsolete.

Hardy says this isn’t the end; it’s only the beginning. Hardy says he would love to see Moose’s Super Bowl ring. Alisha says no one can understand what he’s saying because of his accent. Hardy calls her a witch and tells her to shut up before she gets on Queen Rebecca’s radar. Moose reminds Hardy there are four of them and only one of him.

Hardy says he doesn’t like their odds and attacks them with a steel chair. Eventually, the numbers game catches up to Matt Hardy, and he gets beat down. Moose puts the chair on Hardy’s head and intends to take him out like they did Nic Nemeth. Luckily for Hardy, Ryan Nemeth makes the save with a kendo stick, and he and Hardy clear the ring.

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: May 3rd 2024    Categories: Impact Results

Speedball Mountain and Broken Matt Hardy are backstage. Trent Seven says The System is too much to take on alone, and they need to add to the team. Mike Bailey says tomorrow night at Under Siege they will delete The System. Broken Matt Hardy says The System must be annihilated, liquidated, and deleted!

Hardy says Speedball and Trent Seven are now honorary members of House Hardy. They are now known as Trent the Seventh and the Ball of Speed. Hardy says they shall render The System obsolete.

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: April 26th 2024    Categories: Impact Results

Matt Hardy says he had a prolific premonition that after the main event of Rebellion, the lights would go out, and he would appear in the ring with the champion of the world. Hardy says he was hoping it was Nemeth, but it ended up being Moose. Hardy says the finish he saw raises questions, and they replay the match with Nemeth’s shoulder up. The commentary team clarifies that the referee missed it, but their decision is final.

Hardy says that didn’t look like a pinfall to him. Hardy says maybe Nemeth should be the champion right now, but he’s not. The Broken One says he’s not sure what’s next for Nemeth, but he knows what’s next for him. Hardy says he has returned to TNA to become the champion of the world. Hardy says Nemeth can have another shot down the line, but it will likely be against him.

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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