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TNA Tag Team Championship Series
The Hardys vs Team 3D vs The Wolves
The Wolves enter following their iconic opponents, as Taz declares, “Let the hunt begin!”

All six men square off around the ring. Bodies fly and heads are bounced off of every surface including the ring apron, guardrail and steel steps. Matt Hardy and Bully Ray find themselves in the ring. Bully Ray commands the match and he and Devon nail “What’s up!” Bully and the crowd instruct Devon to “Get the tables!”

Team 3D pulls the first table from beneath the ring. The Wolves attempt a double suicide dive, but Team 3D dodges their assault and they use the table to clothesline the Tag Team Champions! As they turn, The Hardys dropkick the table into the faces of Team 3D!

The Hardys assume control by slamming Davey Richards’ throat across the leg of a table before dropping Eddie Edwards on the side of a table with a front suplex! Jeff positions the table, then he drapes Eddie on top of it. He climbs the turnbuckle, but Eddie counters with a superplex! Before Jeff crashes down, Devon moves the table to keep the match going.

The match breaks down into a chaotic scene as The Hardys gain control and a double-team advantage on Bully Ray. Bully moves just in time and Jeff Hardy drives his own feet through a table.

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TNA Tag Team Championship Series
The Hardys vs Team 3D vs The Wolves
Bully repeatedly chops Davey, then Davey comes back with a few strikes before Eddie stops Devon from hitting Wassup! off the top. Matt and Jeff hit Poetry In Motion, then Bully sends them outside and Devon assists with an elevated neckbreaker. Matt tags in and hits a clothesline and a Side Effect for two, then Devon and Matt both try to clothesline Eddie, but Eddie ducks and they hit each other. Jeff catches an offguard boot on the apron, then Eddie and Davey duck clotheslines by the Hardys before splashing Team 3D on the floor. The Hardys follow with their own splashes, then Matt hits a top rope moonsault to the floor and rolls Eddie in to get a two count.

Matt calls for a Twist of Fate but Davey kicks him in the face, then Eddie follows with his own kick before Davey hits a German suplex for two. Devon breaks it up before he swings at Eddie, but Eddie ducks and throws him in the air before Davey kicks him in the head. Bully breaks up a pin attempt before Jeff clotheslines him, then Jeff dropkicks him up the ramp as Davey kicks Matt in the head and heads up top. Matt avoids a double stomp and hits a Twist Of Fate, then Bully pulls him outside to avoid a pin before Jeff hits a Swanton off the top, but that gets broken up and Team 3D wins it with a Death Drop.

Winners – Team 3D

Credit: WrestleZone.com

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