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The Wolves Howl for Full Metal Mayhem!
The Wolves come out and Davey says they have full control of this tag team series right now, and they are glad to announce the stipulation of the final match. Team 3D comes out and Bully says The Wolves want to be as good as them, but they aren’t, and they’ll never conquer wrestling like them. Bully says they are making the last match so the Wolves should leave, then the Hardys cut them off and Matt says everything Bully says is truth. Matt says they are iconic and no one will talk about the Wolves in 20 years, then Davey says the Hardys and 3D were great, but they still are great. He says they beat them already and their time is now, then Bully cheap shots Davey and they all brawl. Kurt Angle cuts things off and tells The Wolves to pick the match now, and Eddie says they are getting Full Metal Mayhem!

Credit: WrestleZone.com

 Posted by: Kris    Date: September 29th 2014    Categories: Matt YouTube Videos

 Posted by: Kris    Date: September 29th 2014    Categories: Matt YouTube Videos

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I’ve uploaded a flashback match from the New Dimension Wrestling’s show that took place on August 29th, 1998! The Hardys faced The Rising Sun. Enjoy!

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The Huffington Post recent interviewed Matt. In the interview, he discussed his return to TNA, the future of the company, working with his brother again, and more.

You’re back in TNA and working a programme with Team 3D (The Dudley Boyz). What’s it like being with them again?

Its good fun! It’s like a time warp. It’s so strange. We’ve been separated and we haven’t been in the ring with those guys for about 12 years. You know as soon as we start working with them, we start having memories of old matches we had in Peoria Illinois – random cities across the world, it’s a great dose of nostalgia. I think it’s cool because we’re all at a point where we can still go pretty strong in the ring and have a great match and not disappoint the people. We don’t just get dressed up and come out as the Dudleys and the Hardy boys and play around for a couple of minutes, we can actually get out there and do an older version of ourselves and still kick ass and that’s pretty cool.

You are back to being a tag-team with Jeff after a successful career as a singles wrestler. What’s the allure of tagging again?

Every time now – especially as we get older – that I team with Jeff, it’s truly magical. We grew up as legitimate blood brothers and it’s a magical moment because our whole dream was to one day be the tag-team champions of the world and we did that multiple times. So anytime someone asks me, even if I’m embarking on the greatest singles run of my career and no-one can touch me, I would always go and work with Jeff. For me that’s as good as it gets because that’s what we always wanted to do when we were children. Few people get to live that dream and so, well anytime I can go back and team with Jeff, I’m certainly up for it and gonna love it.

To read the rest of the article: Click Here.

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