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Tables Match
Bobby Roode & Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray & Willow
Willow uses Bully to set up Poetry In Motion, then he connects with a top rope headbutt before Bully tells him to get the tables. They try to set up a table but Roode cuts them off, then Ethan assists him in stomping Hardy before they attack Bully in the corner. They try to suplex him through the table but Willow moves it, then he hits Ethan with a jawbreaker and a Twist of Fate before heading up top. Rockstar Spud wheels himself out (yep, in a wheelchair for his busted foot), so Willow goes after him and sends him away as Bully heads up top. Roode shoves him but Bully avoids the table, then he punches Roode in the groin and whips him into Ethan across the ring. Bully avoids a Roode Bomb and goes for a Bubba Cutter, but Roode reverses it and hits a spinebuster through the table. Roode puts Bully through another table with a Roode Bomb after the bell, then Ethan holds him in place and Roode splashes him through another one.

Winners – Bobby Roode & Ethan Carter III

Credit: WrestleZone.com

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Searching For Willow
Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III are shown looking for Willow in his “home”, and Spud thinks it’s a bad idea. Ethan tells him that Willow needs to pay because he attacked them in his home, and they need to carry on. They end up finding a barn, and Spud warns him to stay away, but Ethan goes in and taunts Spud. Ethan mocks him and plays along, but Willow ends up pulling Spud away and laughing in the background.

Credit: WrestleZone.com

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Promotional photos of Willow have been added to his ImpactWrestling.com profile. I have added them to our gallery.

| View Willow Promotional Photos |

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Willow Attacks
Ethan Carter III vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley hits some quick clotheslines and a delayed vertical suplex, then he kicks Ethan in the corner and hiptosses him. He goes for a corner tackle but Ethan rolls outside, then Lashley chases him but Ethan hits him near the stairs and rolls him in. Ethan heads up top but Lashley throws him across the ring, then Ethan comes back with some strikes before Lashley hits a spinebuster. Lashley goes for a spear but Ethan rolls outside, then Lashley hits him on the floor before rolling him inside and stomping him in the corner. Ethan gets away again and rolls outside, but Willow runs out and attacks Ethan, whipping him into the steps a few times to cause a disqualification.

Winner (by disqualification) – Ethan Carter III

Willow tells MVP he has issues and Joe has issues, and everyone has issues, so they should all embrace it, and bids MVP goodbye.

Credit: WrestleZone.com

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