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395 Captures | Digitals | Match Video
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Monster’s Ball
Bram & Magnus vs. Abyss & Willow
Abyss clotheslines Bram outside as Magnus attacks Willow, then Willow hits an atomic drop and a dropkick before following with a back handspring elbow. Abyss goes for a barbed wire board but Bram hits him back, then Abyss drops him with a punch and he and Willow fill the ring with weapons. Bram and Magnus beat them with trash cans and kendo sticks, then Willow comes back with a somersault dive and a jawbreaker. Willow dropkicks Bram into the corner and hits him with a chair, then he slams a trash can on his head and dropkicks it.

Willow goes for a Swanton Bomb but comes up empty, then Magnus hits Abyss with a chair and stomps Magnus in the corner. Bram stumbles back in the ring, busted open, as Abyss finds ‘Janice’ under the ring, and he swings with it but Bram ducks it. Abyss gets the weapon stuck in the turnbuckle so Magnus hits him with a chair, then he takes it in the ring and goes after Willow. Bram handcuffs Abyss to the barricade and kicks him, then he hits Willow in the back with a chair and Magnus gets a two count.

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Matt Hardy & Mike Bennett vs. The Briscoes
No DQ/Anything Goes Match
The Briscoes quickly took care of the lax rules to introduce weapons used to bash around Bennett and Hardy as Nigel joined commentary. Maria got involved yanking a chair away from Mark Briscoe, but the Briscoes introduced ladders. Hardy took a Home Depot suplex off a yellow ladder, then Mark went Cactus Jack with a running elbow drop on Hardy on the floor.

Searcy then got in the ring, where he found himself double-teamed by the Briscoes. Mark then came off the top with an elbow drop to Searcy’s chest, rocking the actor. Briscoes wanted a Doomsday Device, but Maria shoved Mark off the top turnbuckle and Hardy saved Searcy by hitting Jay with Twist of Fate, but Jay kicked out of a pin.

Reset, then Mark knocked out Bennett and put him on a table on the outside. Mark followed with a big elbow drop sending Bennett through the table. Back in the ring, the Briscoes sprayed Hardy with a fire extinguisher. Jay then suplexed Hardy off the top of a ladder through a table down below. Hardy sold being KO’ed, but Jay took it a step further with the Jay Driller for the pin and the win.

Credit: PWTorch.com

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399 Captures | Digitals | Match Video
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TNA World Tag Team Championships
Triple Threat Match
We can name Willow & Abyss “The Wacky Weirdos.” Aries and Willow will start the match off against each other. Aries takes Willow down in a waistlock and then flips him over into a nearfall. Aries puts Willow in a side headlock but Hardy breaks it with a series of elbows. Willow gets Aries in a side headlock until Aries shoves him into the corner. Aries charges right into a floatover into a Spinning Headscissors from Willow. Willow goes for a splash but Aries moves out of the way and tags in Joe. Aries and Joe whip Willow into the ropes connecting with a Double Back Elbow. Joe hits a Knee Drop and follows up with a series of forearms, knees, and headbutts. Willow blocks a knee and connects with a Jawbreaker. Abyss tags into the match and splashes Joe in the corner and then drops down to his knee as Willow dives off his back into a dropkick on Joe in the corner! Abyss goes for a clothesline but Joe ducks it and locks in the Coquina Clutch! Abyss tries to break it up but Aries catches him with a drop toehold and locks in the Last Chancery! The Wolves break up both holds and all hell has broken loose. The Wolves attempt to send Aries and Joe into the ropes, but they reverse it only for The Wolves to put the brakes on as they hit the ropes. Joe and Aries charge at The Wolves but they drop down to the mat, Joe and Aries flying out to the floor. The Wolves attempt Dual Sliding Dropkicks but Joe and Aries sidestep them and quickly roll back in the ring. Joe and Aries hit Double Tope Suicida’s through the ropes onto The Wolves on the floor! In the back Tommy Dreamer is shown arriving to the building.

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682 Captures | 5 Digitals | Match Video
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Willow (w/ Abyss) vs. Magnus (w/ Bram)
Magnus gets a slam and goes for the pin much too early. He picks up Hardy and lays him out with a monster clothesline. Shots to the mid-section that take Willow off his feet, but Hardy counters with a sunset flip; Magnus rolls through with a huge powerbomb. He hits a vertical suplex for a two-count, and goes immediately into a side headlock. Willow slowly battles back with elbows, but gets caught again in a rest hold. The referee starts to come him out, but Hardy answers on the third time and fights back, escaping the hold and exploding with a diving clothesline. He hits a split-leg ledgrop, followed by a spinning dropkick to send Magnus to the corner. He follows that up with a handspring forearm. Twist of Fate attempt, but Magnus shakes him off. Hardy kicks him to the floor and does a splash off the second rope, then tries for a Swanton Bomb but Magnus rolls out of the way. Bram tries to get involved, but Abyss is there and the two start throwing bones on the outside. Magnus comes from behind and holds Abyss down while Bram beats on him, but Willow flies off the top rope backwards, taking them both out. It’s now Bram and Abyss in the ring – who is in this match again? – with the Monster hitting several clotheslines. Hardy with the Twist of Fate – he hits two of them, just for good measure, but Magnus kicks out. Bram has a metal bar, but Abyss goes under the ring and grabs… Janice! He backs Bram up the ramp and the two of them leave the ringside area. Back in the ring, Magnus hits a belly-to-belly suplex for the win.

Winner: Magnus

Credit: WrestleZone.com

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