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 Posted by: Kris    Date: November 13th 2013    Categories: Gallery Additions

Thanks to my lovely friend Shay, we have some we some photos of Matt from the House of Hardcore show that took place on November 9th.

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Homicide & Eddie Kingston (with Amber O’Neal) vs. Devon & Matt Hardy (with Reby)
Homicide and Devon started out. Devon and Hardy is such a weird pairing, by the way. They started slow. Kingston and Hardy tagged in. Outlaws, Inc. controlled Hardy and tagged in and out.

Devon tagged in and nailing a running splash in the corner on Kingston for a two count. Kingston has dropped a lot of weight. The crowd chanted for Tables. Devon elbowed Homicide off the apron but was pulled down and crotched to the ringpost as Kingston distracted the referee.

Homicide tagged in and choked the hell out of Devon against the ropes. Devon was elbowed by Kingston and snapmared into an rear chinlock. Devon elbowed his way out but was nailed with a lariat for a two count. Kingston and Homicide nailed a double shoulderblock on Devon for a two count.

They knocked Hardy off the apron and continued beating on Devon. Devon came back with a Bubbaslam on Kingston and fought to make the hot tag to Hardy. Hardy tagged in and cleaned house on Homicide, including the Sidewinder.

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Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin – Full Metal Mayhem
Sabin asks for a handshake but Hardy doesn’t buy it and kicks him, then he sends him into the corner but Sabin drop toe holds him into the turnbuckles. Sabin heads outside but Hardy takes him down with a clothesline and a dropkick, then he brings a ladder into the ring but Sabin slams it into his ribs. Sabin uses the ladder to ram Hardy into the corner, then he hits a neckbreaker on the ladder before wedging it in the corner. He sets up a suplex but Hardy blocks it, then he shoves Sabin back and backdrops him on the ladder when Sabin runs at him. Hardy smashes a trash can over Sabin’s head and gets a table, but the legs break so he gets a second one and slides it in the ring. Hardy wedges it in the corner opposite the ladder, then he goes for a reverse powerbomb into it but Sabin counters with a hurricanrana across the ring.

Sabin charges him but Hardy throws an elbow, and he heads up top but Sabin crotches him on the ropes and hits him with a chair. Sabin puts Hardy in the tree of woe position and chokes him, then he baseball slide dropkicks a chair into Hardy’s face and heads up top. Hardy grabs the chair and hits Sabin with it, then he sets it up and hits Poetry In Motion before clotheslining him out to the floor. Hardy places Sabin on a table and heads up top, but Sabin rolls away and Hardy crashes through the table before Sabin rolls him back in and sets up another table. Sabin rolls Hardy on the table and goes up top, but Hardy gets his knees up just as Sabin splashes him through the table. Both men are slow to get up but Hardy connects with a Twist of Fate, then he hits a Swanton Bomb over the ladder for the win.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Credit: WrestleZone.com

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