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Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode
They go at it right from the bell and Roode beats Hardy down, but Hardy comes back with a flying clothesline and the double legdrop to the ding ding. Hardy leapfrogs Roode and dropkicks him in the back, then goes out to the floor, wastes time high fiving fans instead of trying to win, and folds up a table, taking long enough that I’m starting to suspect he took so long so Roode can recover and baseball slide the table in his face. Hardy puts the table on the apron and Roode baseball slides it in his face, then rams Hardy’s face into the apron and rolls him into the ring. Roode brings a table in, smartly stomps on Hardy’s chest to slow him down, then places the table upright in the corner. Now he’s wasting time by staring at all the fans chanting for Hardy, but comes out on top of a fast exchange and turns Hardy inside out with a clothesline. Hardy goes for the Whisper In The Wind, but Roode moves out of the way and Hardy comes inches away from hitting the table on the way down. The fans are chanting for Hardy as Roode picks him up in a fireman’s carry, but Hardy wiggles free and lands on the apron. Roode goes out after him and they battle back and forth on the ring apron, precariously balanced above a table that they both end up going through simultaneously after losing their balance. The referee looks stunned, and we’ll find out his decision after this commercial break!

We’re back and the match is continuing, as Senior Referee Earl Hebner came out and consulted with the referees and determined that the match should continue until we have a winner. Roode snaps Hardy down with a spinebuster, then stands a table up in the corner and picks Hardy up in another fireman’s carry. Hardy slips out and hits the Twist of Fate, and Roode stumbles backward onto the table, so Hardy quickly goes to the top for the Swanton. Roode rolls off the table and onto the mat, but Hardy Swantons him anyway. Hardy puts Roode on top of the corner and drags the table over to him, then goes up and tries to superplex Roode. Roode holds on and picks Hardy up for a vertical suplex, but drops him on his ding ding on the top rope. That looked like it hurt. Roode goes out to the apron, stands in front of a table, and tries to suplex Hardy onto it. Hardy blocks and dropkicks Roode off the apron and through the table to advance.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Credit: ProWrestling.com

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