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Matt Hardy vs. Luke Hawx: Steel Cage Match
They brawled back and forth in the cage. Hardy caught Hawx with a Side Effect for a two count. He went for another but Hawx fought him off with elbows, dropped him and nailed a series of kneedrops.Hawx charged Hardy and was backdropped into the cage. Hardy tossed him into the cage several more times. Hardy raked Hawx’s face against the cage.

They battled to the top rope. Hawx attempted a superplex but Hardy fought him off. They battled on the top rope and I kid you not, one of the supports holding the cage popped off. They smartly did a spot where they crashed off the ropes into the ring. They battled back and forth with punches in the center of the ring.

Hawx launched Hardy hard into the cage several times. Hardy came back and nailed a series of legdrops for a two count. Hawx was tossed into the cage but came back with a spinkick and covered Hardy for a two count. Hardy cut him off and strangled him with his boots on Hawx’s throat.

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Hardy’s Final Match?
Sting hiptosses Jesse but Zema ends up tripping him near the ropes, then Ethan enters the ring but runs away and tags out when Sting gets back up. Hardy gets in and hits a middle rope splash and a backdrop, then a miscommunication with Ethan and Jessie ends up with a Hardy dive, taking all four other men out on the floor. They end up regrouping and beating Hardy on the floor as we go to a break, then we get back to see the opposition continuing to work on Hardy, with Jessie hitting a gutbuster and a powerslam for two. Sting tries to help but it ends up with Hardy getting beat down in the corner, then Ethan mocks Sting with a Stinger Splash before Hardy hits a jawbreaker. Sting gets the tag and cleans house until Ethan rolls him up from behind, hooking the tights to steal the win.

Winners – Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud & BroMans

After the match, Hardy gets a mic and thanks Sting for getting him interested in the wrestling business. He says he should have won last week because he was better, but he lost to Magnus because of politics. Hardy listens to the fans chant for him, but he says the fight is gone, then he announces this was his last match and he’s leaving. He says he can’t come back until the sun shines again on this dark kingdom, then he tells the fans he loves them and hugs Sting before leaving.

Credit: WrestleZone.com

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Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus
Magnus’s music played to bring out the tournament finalist. Magnus entered the ring as Mike Tenay noted Magnus is concerned after Jeff Hardy visited Carter at the end of last week’s Impact broadcast. Once in the ring, Magnus said he loves this business. “I love it,” he said. Which is why he and the rest of the wrestlers in the back put their bodies on the line. Magnus said he is proud that to have made his living for the last five years in the U.S., but there was some adjusting to do early on. Specifically, money. But, it’s not about that for him. For him, it’s always been about pride, honor, dignity, and respect. He wonders if the same can be said for his opponent, Jeff Hardy. “Hardy, Hardy” chant from the few in attendance.

Magnus said he’s as big of a Hardy fan as anyone, but maybe there’s just one little demon creeping its way back in. Greed. And he says that because Hardy was filmed having drinks with Dixie Carter. Magnus said he thinks Hardy owes them an explanation. Because this is the most important match of his life and he won’t let Hardy, Dixie, or Jeff fool him.

Hardy’s music provided an answer, bringing out the other tournament finalist. Jeff Hardy entered the ring to stare down Magnus, then noted Magnus is jumping to a big conclusion. Magnus said this is the biggest night of his life, so he’s not going to let any chances go. He wants an explanation. Magnus brought up 10-10-10 (when Hardy turned heel to become TNA champ). Hardy wiped his forehead in frustration, saying that was a different time and place. Magnus said he doesn’t think it’s so much different. Magnus said everyone has forgiven him, but what are his creatures going to think if he sells out.

Hardy sold inner conflict, then told Magnus to worry about his life. “Don’t worry about mine,” Hardy exclaimed in a defensive manner. Hardy threw down the mic and walked off as the announcers wondered why Hardy was not being straight-forward.

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Thanks to my dear friend Shay, we have some awesome photos of Matt from ROH’s Final Battle, which took place December 14th.

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