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Jeff Hardy threw caution to the wind in his fight against United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura at SummerSlam, but that fearless mentality led to The Charismatic Enigma’s demise. The King of Strong Style capitalized on a failed high-risk maneuver from Hardy to retain the red, white and blue crown.

The two rivals wasted no time getting into it, exchanging strikes and taunts in equal measure. Hardy evaded one of Nakamura’s signature low blows and went on an offensive barrage that saw him connect with two Twist of Fates.

Ever the risktaker, Hardy attempted the Swanton Bomb on Nakamura, who was laying prone on the edge of the ring apron. Nakamura evaded the dive, causing Jeff to splat right onto the hardest part of the ring. From there, it was academic: Nakamura took advantage of Hardy’s mistake, finishing The Charismatic Enigma off with the Kinshasa for the win.

Moments after his victory, Randy Orton arrived, seemingly salivating at the prospect of getting to inflict more pain onto the defenseless Hardy. Then, in a perplexing move, The Viper opted to just turn around and walk away, leaving the WWE Universe to speculate on his intentions.

Credit: WWE.com

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“Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt vs. The B-Team for the RAW Tag Team Championships
The clock struck midnight at WWE Extreme Rules, though not for the tag team you might expect. Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas’ miracle run to the Raw Tag Team Championships ended in a stunning victory over “Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt, completing a remarkable reversal of fortune for a team that had been winless before rebranding as The B-Team a couple of months ago.

As jubilant as The B-Team were after their title win, it was an even more shocking loss for Hardy & Wyatt, who were undefeated as a team after joining up to form The Deleters of Worlds. Given that The B-Team had scored individual wins over Hardy heading into the pay-per-view, they unsurprisingly built their game plan around isolating The Woken One from Bray Wyatt, and for good reason. Dallas & Axel struggled to find an answer for the former WWE Champion in the opening moments of the match, and The Reaper of Souls’ re-entry into the contest seemed to swing it in the champions’ favor within a matter of seconds.

The B-Team, however, had clearly progressed more than the champions had given them credit for, and they turned their attention back to Hardy when he tagged back in to set up the Kiss of Deletion to Bo Dallas. Axel climbed on the apron to break up the maneuver, and Dallas quickly followed up, shoving Hardy into Wyatt and dropping The Woken One with a hanging rolling cutter off the ropes — earning a victory that seemingly solidified their belief that the “B” in B-Team stands for “best.” Now, Dallas & Axel’s Cinderella story extends to chapter two, while Hardy & Wyatt face a task even more daunting than deletion: A reset.

Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship
Jeff Hardy’s United States Title reign ended in shocking fashion at WWE Extreme Rules, as The Charismatic Enigma suffered a demoralizing, near-immediate U.S. Title loss to Shinsuke Nakamura before another foe made his presence known after the bout.

The opening bell hadn’t even rung before The King of Strong Style made his move on Hardy, flooring the champion with his signature move — the low blow — behind the ref’s back. Hardy struggled to his feet and insisted on starting the match, only to suffer an instant Kinshasa that snapped his reign and landed Nakamura the first championship of his WWE tenure.

Nakamura’s celebration was cut short by the arrival of recent U.S. Champion Randy Orton, but while The Apex Predator appeared to be sizing up Nakamura, he surprised the Pittsburgh faithful by turning his attention to Hardy and administering a punishing stomp to the nether regions before making his exit. Jeff Hardy was a proud, confident champion, but life didn’t just come at him fast at WWE Extreme Rules. It came out of nowhere.

Credit: WWE.com

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NEWARK, N.J. — The Jeff Hardy comeback tour rolls on, as The Charismatic Enigma dispatched Randy Orton to retain his United States Title at WWE Backlash, capping a rivalry that has been tenser than anticipated, even though Hardy and Orton have only been on each other’s radars for a short period of time.
Jeff Hardy drops Randy Orton with a vicious flying kick: WWE Backlash 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive)

United States Champion Jeff Hardy stops The Viper in his tracks with a brutal kick: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Ever since Hardy supplanted Jinder Mahal as U.S. Champion, Orton — who had already invoked his rematch clause after losing the title to Mahal at WrestleMania — has been seemingly overlooked by The Charismatic Enigma. Having reminded Hardy of his skills with an RKO after a tag team match on SmackDown LIVE, The Viper opened the WWE Backlash contest with another display of ruthless efficiency, targeting the champion’s lumbar with a trifecta of backdrops onto the barricade. The veteran Orton was clearly hoping to slow Hardy down and turn the match into the kind of drawn-out beatdown that typically precedes the RKO.
Hardy vs. Orton

Jeff Hardy puts the star-spangled championship on the line in a melee against WWE’s Apex Predator.

Even when Hardy fought to quicken the pace, the threat of the RKO loomed large. The Charismatic Enigma had to stop cold to avoid the maneuver at one point, allowing The Apex Predator to reclaim the advantage, though the champion was more familiar with Orton’s playbook than he let on. Hardy took a page out of his challenger’s repertoire, surprising Orton with a Twist of Fate and following up with an immediate Swanton Bomb to retain his title.

Even for Randy Orton, it seems, defeat can come from out of nowhere.

Credit: WWE.com

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“Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt vs. Cesaro & Sheamus
JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA — The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Woken Warriors around the globe rejoiced during the sold-out Greatest Royal Rumble event in King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, where “Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt completed their “Expedition of Gold” and procured the abeyant Raw Tag Team Championship by defeating Cesaro & Sheamus.

Despite The Bar using the same cohesive, hard-hitting tactics that had previously netted them four Raw Tag Team Championships, Hardy & Wyatt — known collectively as The Deleter of Worlds — utilized unorthodox tactics to counter their opponents’ brute strength, beginning an Era of Wokenness that could change Raw forever.

At WrestleMania, on the same night Hardy and Wyatt forged their Woken alliance, Braun Strowman and a 10-year-old named Nicholas captured The Bar’s Raw Tag Team Titles, but due to scheduling conflicts — The Monster Among Men’s partner was still in fourth grade, after all — the titles were vacated. Per Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, a Tag Team Eliminator determined which team would battle the newly former champions at the Greatest Royal Rumble event. Despite being bitter rivals prior to The Eater of Worlds’ disappearance into The Lake of Reincarnation, Hardy & Wyatt prevailed, earning a tandem opportunity at the historic, first-ever Greatest Royal Rumble event.

It seemed Wyatt & Hardy might suffer cruel defeat at the hands of the brutish Bar as Sheamus prepared to seal Wyatt’s fate with a Brogue Kick. However, The Deleter of Worlds rallied after Wyatt’s unsettling Spider Walk made The Celtic Warrior recoil, leaving him susceptible to “deletion” by way of Sister Abigail’s Kiss and an elevated Twist of Fate. With a pinfall, Hardy became a nine-time Tag Team Champion, and a Woken quest was completed to the delight of the sold-out crowd packed inside King Abdullah Sports City Stadium.

United States Champion Jeff Hardy def. Jinder Mahal
JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA — Jinder Mahal seemed to have given himself an advantage going into the Greatest Royal Rumble event. He had sent Sunil Singh to SmackDown LIVE to attack Jeff Hardy’s knee ahead of their United States Title rematch. However, The Charismatic Enigma was able to fight through the pain and withstand Mahal’s punishment, retaining the star-spangled championship at the sold-out King Abdullah Sports City Stadium.

Though Hardy was in visible discomfort from last Tuesday’s attack, it didn’t slow his risk-taking style in this championship battle. Hardy winced as he managed to climb onto the ringside barricade, dash along the guardrail and leap onto his challenger. On this night, Hardy would not only have to compete against Mahal, but also keep an eye on Sunil Singh, who proved to be a distraction for the champion, which allowed The Modern Day Maharaja to take control of the bout.

Mahal slowed the battle down to a pace more fitting of his overpowering style in the squared circle, keeping Hardy grounded and wearing him down on the canvas. Jeff battled back, slipping out of Mahal’s grasp and staggering The Modern Day Maharaja with a flurry of dazzling moves. Perhaps seeing Mahal’s chances at reclaiming the United States Title slipping away, Singh leapt up onto the ring apron to distract Hardy once again, but he was met with a fierce right hand from the champion.

Though Singh was neutralized, Mahal tried to catch Hardy off-guard with the Khallas. The Charismatic Enigma evaded his challenger, though, countering with the Twist of Fate, which opened the door for him to hit a breathtaking Swanton Bomb and put Mahal down for the three-count.

Hardy’s victory ensures that the United States Championship will stay with The Charismatic Enigma on SmackDown LIVE, while The Modern Day Maharaja’s quest to turn America into the United States of Mahal comes to an end with his transfer to Raw in the 2018 Superstar Shake-up. What new challenges await Hardy as he begins his journey on Team Blue?

Credit: WWE.com

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The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy is headed to The Hardy Compound, and “Woken” Matt Hardy has Bray Wyatt of all people to thank for it.

In the first match of the WrestleMania 34 Kickoff, at the site of the very first Andre Battle Royal — the sold-out Mercedes-Benz Superdome — the Woken Superstar procured the prestigious prize by eliminating former trophy winner Baron Corbin to claim The Show of Shows’ annual over-the-top-rope fray.

With dozens of Raw and SmackDown Superstars eying the vaunted trophy, the victory was anything but easy. As soon as the opening bell rang, the field of competitors burst into action. Aiden English had the unenviable distinction of being the first man eliminated, a rough way to mark this particular Rusev Day. Dolph Ziggler doggedly avoided elimination at every turn, skinning the cat more than a fellmonger.

Golden Truth reunited briefly before Goldust double-crossed R-Truth and sent him flying (a feat that The Bizarre One topped off with a celebratory dab). As the pack continued to thin, Zack Ryder signaled for a Broski Boot on Ziggler but was cut off by a brutal pounce from another past Andre Battle Royal victor, Mojo Rawley, resulting in the elimination of his onetime Hype Bro teammate.

Eventually, the Battle Royal dwindled down to Hardy, Corbin and Rawley. Corbin and Rawley forged an unlikely alliance and put boots to Hardy. But just when things looked bleakest for The Woken One, Wyatt appeared seemingly out of thin air, marking his first time back in the ring since before Hardy defeated him in The Ultimate Deletion.

To the astonishment of everyone, especially Hardy, Wyatt’s arrival was a blessing in disguise. The New Face of Fear helped Hardy eliminate Mojo, but was almost immediately met by an End of Days from Corbin. With his attention diverted, Corbin stumbled into a waiting Hardy, who backdropped The Lone Wolf onto the floor for the win.

“Woken” Matt thanked Wyatt (as did the WWE Universe, with chants of “Thank you, Wyatt”), and the two twisted forces embraced.

With his challenge to The Undertaker still unanswered, John Cena sat among the WWE Universe with a stunned expression on his face. His reaction said it all. A new and confounding alliance has arrived in WWE.

Credit: WWE.com

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LAS VEGAS — In what was less a match between Superstars and more a battle between darkness and light, “Woken” Matt Hardy vanquished Bray Wyatt at WWE Elimination Chamber in both body and soul.

Hardy thwarted The Reaper of Souls before the bell even rang when he vanished from the ring, taunting the former WWE Champion as a disembodied voice that promised nothing less than obsolescence for The Eater of Worlds.

Wyatt was completely taken aback when Hardy reappeared. The Woken One attempted a series of Twists of Fate at the start, and each nearly found their mark before The Eater of Worlds used his comparative bulk to press Hardy into the mat. Wyatt continued to find success when the fight spilled on the outside, too. Even though Hardy avoided a uranage on the steps, a clothesline turned him into a splatter on the T-Mobile Arena floor all the same.

With his Woken Warriors willing him back into the fight, Hardy mounted a wonderful rally. Still, The Eater of Worlds’ strength advantage allowed him to cut off the deletion process nonetheless. What The Woken One did possess, however, is speed, and after Hardy evaded the clutches of Sister Abigail, a boot to the gut left Wyatt open to a splendiferous Twist of Fate that all but bathed Las Vegas in a heavenly light.

Credit: WWE.com

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