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 Posted by: Kris    Date: December 17th 2019    Categories: RAW, WWE Results

The question of who would challenge United States Champion Rey Mysterio was supposed to be answered in a Gauntlet Match featuring 24/7 Champion R-Truth, Akira Tozawa, Ricochet, Matt Hardy, Humberto Carrillo and Andrade. But the match quickly turned from a contest into a bramble patch of grudges and unpaid debts, all of which boiled over into a pair of heinous attacks.

The first such assault came at the end of the Gauntlet Match itself. After Tozawa pinned Truth and Ricochet posted consecutive wins over The Stamina Monster and Matt Hardy, Humberto Carrillo pinned the high-flyer to bring it down to himself and Andrade. But Andrade, clearly out for retribution rather than a win after a pair of losses to Carrillo, instead ambushed the up-and-comer before the match, drilling him into the exposed concrete of the arena with a Hammerlock DDT that brought out Mysterio to assist.

But just as Humberto was being taken up the ramp in a stretcher, Seth Rollins and AOP appeared. Rollins was brandishing Mysterio’s signature steel pipe, which he gave to Kevin Owens to assist in KO’s pursuit of Rollins and AOP last week. Suddenly, Rollins’ unsettled score became clear, and after Akam & Rezar administered a brief beatdown of The Ultimate Underdog, the former Universal Champion seemingly granted him clemency for just one night … only to turn around at the last second and nail him with a Stomp. The only reason it wasn’t worse, according to Rollins, was then if Rey had been hospitalized, he wouldn’t be able to answer a challenge to defend United States Title against Rollins himself on next week’s show — a challenge that Rey decided to accept, despite his very sore temptation to fight Andrade instead. Rollins’ effectiveness as a “leader” may be a matter of opinion, but clearly, his new strategy is getting results.

Credit: WWE.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: December 10th 2019    Categories: RAW, WWE Results

Drew McIntyre has been a new man since Survivor Series, dishing out chops to the chest, kicks to the mush and insults to the face of anyone who dares cross him. The latest unlucky recipient of all three was Matt Hardy, who has been working to get some momentum going since his own return a couple of weeks back.

Unfortunately for the former Raw Tag Team Champion, a round of adrenaline fueled by some pointed insults toward Matt’s (newly expanding!) family wasn’t enough to take down his towering opponent. Even though Hardy cut McIntyre down to size with a Side Effect and a trip into the ringpost, his attempt to execute a backslide was reversed into a Future Shock DDT, and a Claymore moments later was all she wrote.

Credit: WWE.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: November 26th 2019    Categories: Gallery Additions, RAW, WWE Results

As it turns out, you can’t un-knock on Aleister Black’s door. One week after taunting the former NXT Champion, Buddy Murphy found himself face-to-face once again with The Ominous Man From Amsterdam, this time after defeating a returning Matt Hardy.

Hardy looked great in his first match in several months, but Murphy took advantage of his opponent’s ring rust to turn the tide quickly and put him away with three straight knees to the face. Murphy mockingly challenged Black again by knocking on the microphone, but this time, Black answered by charging the ring and knocking Murphy through the ropes with a jumping knee of his own. It’d be smart of Murphy to give Black’s door a wide berth in the future, but as Black said before confronting Murphy, he is “owed.” And he doesn’t seem like the kind of man to leave before he gets what he came for.

Credit: WWE.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: April 9th 2019    Categories: SmackDown, WWE Results

In an absolute dream match, The Usos defended the SmackDown Tag Team Titles against The Hardy Boyz on SmackDown LIVE.

The two legendary Hall of Fame-bound tag teams went at it with intensity as Matt & Jeff pushed the pace and staggered Jimmy & Jey with several of their signature moves. Jey regained the advantage for his team after connecting with the big splash, but the Hardys survived the onslaught. When The Charismatic Enigma avoided a double splash, The Hardy Boyz rallied, putting Jey down with a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb that secured them their eighth Tag Team Championship reign.

The good vibes wouldn’t last long though, as Lars Sullivan arrived and picked up right where he left off after attacking Kurt Angle last night. Matt & Jeff attempted to bring the fight to the monstrous Sullivan, but The Freak laid them out with a pair of Freak Accidents and nailed Matt with a devastating flying headbutt.

The Hardy Boyz were the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but they were also Lars’ latest victims.

Credit: WWE.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: April 7th 2019    Categories: PPV, WWE Results

The road from “Saturday Night Live” fame to WrestleMania infamy is a short one — about 6 feet or so as it turns out. Colin Jost and Michael Che traveled each and every one of them in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, courtesy of a can’t-be-stopped, man-on-a-mission Braun Strowman, who almost singlehandedly ran through the entire field to become the sixth winner of WrestleMania’s signature melee.

The Monster Among Men was all business from the bell, and clearly had no patience for a feel-good story of any kind. Strowman put an end to not just one but several sentimental favorites. SmackDown LIVE mainstay Ali? Gone. A returning Harper? Adios. Last year’s winner Matt Hardy? Him too, as well as his brother Jeff.

Jost and Che, for their part, saw the writing on the wall early on and hid underneath the ring at the opening bell — though Jost, perhaps, wanted to avoid drawing undue attention to his Odell Beckham Jr. Browns jersey — and while they attempted to steal the win by ganging up on Strowman as he tended to the Hardys, their big play failed and they found themselves with nowhere to run.

They tried to get out of it. Jost brought in his therapist to try and talk Strowman down. You can guess what happened to him. Che, wearing wrestling headgear and a WrestleMania hoodie, tried to eliminate himself, only to be stopped on the apron by Strowman and decked to the outside. Jost, inexplicably, found himself with a fighting chance when Braun accidentally got himself tangled in the ropes, but The Monster Among Men overpowered the comedian, hoisted him onto his shoulders, and sent him flying over the ring into a crowd of onlookers to claim the win.

From WrestleMania 35, he’s Braun Strowman. Thank you, goodnight.

Credit: WWE.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: April 3rd 2019    Categories: SmackDown, WWE Results

In an explosive preview of Sunday’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal, 18 Superstars from both matches took sides and squared off in an 18-Person Mixed Tag Team Match on the blue brand.

The two loaded squads threw caution to the wind, and a wild mid-match melee saw bodies flying all over the place and odd interactions between the likes of Mandy Rose and Otis and Nikki Cross and Shelton Benjamin. Jeff Hardy and Asuka remained in the ring after The Charismatic Enigma took out EC3. Hardy and The Empress hugged it out, but then Asuka hurled Jeff Hardy over the top rope, setting the perfect metaphor for both Battle Royals this Sunday: Every Superstar for themselves.

Credit: WWE.com

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