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 Posted by: Kris    Date: August 1st 2020    Categories: SmackDown, WWE Results

Hardy says he feels good because the last few months with Sheamus have been tough. He says the whole feud reminded him of how bad his demons can be. Hardy says he knows he’s on the right path after he defeated Sheamus. Hardy says he’s grateful that he can still perform in front of the fans and that his family and friends have made him stronger. He says he never wants to let anyone down again. He says he’s grateful to be alive and well.

King Corbin interrupts and says he’s tired of hearing about Hardy’s sobriety. Corbin says Hardy is whining about his recovery. “Your life…it sucks,” Corbin says. Corbin says he feels like he’s losing his mind. “My kingdom is turning into an insane asylum,” Corbin says. Hardy says the real problem might be Corbin. The king says he’s disappointed in Hardy. Corbin continues to insult Hardy’s recovery and Gulak attacks the king from behind.

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: July 24th 2020    Categories: SmackDown, WWE Results

Sheamus walks into a bar and asks for a shot. Hardy arrives a minute or two later. Hardy sits at the bar with Sheamus. Sheamus offers Hardy a shot to take the edge off. Hardy says no thank you. The referee asks if they are ready. Hardy reminds the referee that he is just here to count the fall. Hardy pours himself a beer. Hardy says his brother had to delete his WWE career but he has to resurrect his. Hardy asks if Sheamus is still the bar. Hardy says he is connected to everything and he is the bar. Sheamus says Hardy is nothing but a junkie. Hardy throws the beer in Sheamus. face. Hardy and Sheamus trade shots. Sheamus sidewalk slams Hardy on the bar.

Sheamus drags Hardy’s up the bar, knocking all the glasses and crap all over the place. Sheamus gives Hardy ten beats of the bodhran. Sheamus asks the bartender for a shot, top-shelf. Hardy dives off the bar and lands on Sheamus Sheamus throws Hardy into the wall. Hardy whips Sheamus into a few kegs. Hardy drags Sheamus down the hall. Hardy slams Sheamus into every wall he comes across. Sheamus hits Hardy in the head with a small keg. Sheamus throws Hardy into a closet. Sheamus slams the door on Hardy over and over again. Sheamus brings Hardy int the bathroom. Sheamus puts Hardy’s head in a urinal and flushes it. Sheamus is washing out the demons. Sheamus holds Hardy up to a mirror. Sheamus tells Hardy he’s trash. Hardy fires up and throws Sheamus into a bathroom stall. Sheamus lands in the toilet.

Hardy hits Sheamus wit a ladder. Sheamus struggles to his feet. Hardy throws the ladder at Sheamus. Hardy runs the bar and leaps off. Sheamus catches Hardy and slams him into the wall. Sheamus misses a shot with a guitar. Hardy lands a few punches. Sheamus reverses Hardy’s Irish whip into a whip of his own. Hardy is sent flying int a drum set on the stage. After the break, Hardy and Sheamus are taking turns slamming each other on the bar. Hardy drops Sheamus with the Twist of Fury. Hardy sets up the ladder and drags Sheamus over to it. As Hardy starts to climb the bartender attacks him from behind. Hardy powerbombs the bartender through a pallet. Sheamus hits Hardy with a chair. Sheamus says sweet dreams, fella before testing his hat on Hardy’s face. Sheamus walks over to the bar and drinks a pint. Sheamus tells the referee to get ready, Sheamus takes the hat off Hardy face. Hardy has white face paint on and his eyes are all white. Hardy hits Sheamus in the head with a glass. Hardy climbs the ladder and hits the Swanton for the win.

Winner- Jeff Hardy

Hardy takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. Hardy exhales and opens his eyes. They are back to normal.

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: July 17th 2020    Categories: SmackDown, WWE Results

Backstage, Jeff Hardy is talking about Sheamus. Someone hits Hardy from behind. It’s Sheamus. Sheamus says he will cleanse Hardy of his sins. He will see Hardy next week on Smackdown.

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: July 11th 2020    Categories: SmackDown, WWE Results

Miz and Morrison make fun of Jeff Hardy. Hardy joins them in the ring. Miz apologizes for what Morrison said about him. Miz says he knows that Hardy has a clip he wanted them to show. Hardy says he has no idea what he is talking about. Miz shows a highlight reel that highlights Hardy’s recent failures. Miz and Morrison make fun of Hardy for being a loser. Miz says Hardy is his daughter’s favorite wrestler. Miz says he doesn’t want his daughter to put faith in someone who is going to self-destruct again. Hardy asks if they are done. Morrison asks Hardy if he is ok. Hardy says he is fine and it’s going to take more than taunts from Sheamus to make him fall again.

Miz suggests that Hardy have a rematch with Sheamus in a bar fight… you know, since that’s the place Hardy is most comfortable. Hardy asks if Sheamus out them up to this. Hardy says he is never going back to where he was. Hardy is going to beat Sheamus in a bar fight. Hardy promises to never let us down again. Hardy asks Miz to tell Sheamus he accepts. Hardy wants a match with Miz or Morrison tonight. Hardy attacks Morrison and Miz. Hardy clotheslines Morrison over the top while Miz escapes.

The Miz w/ Morrison vs. Jeff Hardy
Miz trips Hardy on the apron. Miz kicks Hardy in the ribs. Miz focuses his assault on Hardy’s midsection. Miz telegraphs a back body drop. Hardy fires up but runs into a knee by Miz. Miz blasts Hardy with a running boot. Miz tries a springboard. Hardy kicks Miz while he sails through the air. Hardy lands the Twist of Fury. Hardy goes up top. Morrison pulls Miz out of the ring. Hardy dives off the top to the outside onto Miz and Morrison. After the break, Morrison pulls Hardy off the apron.

Miz sends Hardy into the barricade. Miz kicks Hardy in the corner before crushing him with a clothesline in the corner. Hardy counters another springboard by Miz. Miz counters Hardy’s Twist of Fate attempt with a DDT. Miz lands the it kicks. Hardy kicks out. Hardy surprises Miz with a jawbreaker. Hardy lands the Hardy flurry. Miz kicks out of Hardy’s splash attempt. Sheamus appears on the screen and says he is having a pint for Hardy. Miz rolls up Hardy. Hardy reverses Miz’s roll up with one of his own for the win.

Winner- Jeff Hardy

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: July 6th 2020    Categories: SmackDown, WWE Results

There is a full bar set up in the ring complete with a bartender. Hardy makes his way to the ring first, Hardy demands Sheamus come out now so they can get this over with. Sheamus appears on the ‘Tron. Sheamus knows Hardy is a hot-head so he is going to give him some space tonight. Sheamus says Hardy is just falling back into that vicious cycle of chasing an adrenaline high. Sheamus says he has the answer to all of Hardy’s problems. It’s in one of those bottles. Sheamus toast to Hardy while calling him a junkie. Hardy asks Sheamus if this is funny to him. Sheamus says he is here to help Hardy. Sheamus has his personal bartender hands Hardy a drink. Sheamus says “bombs away”. Sheamus tells Hardy that he doesn’t have to be strong anymore. Hardy says Sheamus is right. What’s the worst that could happen. Hardy goes to take a drink. Hardy pours the drink on the bartender’s head. Hardy hits the bartender in the head with a bottle, breaking it into a million pieces. Hardy crushes the bartender with a Swanton.

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: June 26th 2020    Categories: SmackDown, WWE Results

In-Ring Segment: King Corbin
Corbin trash talks Taker. Corbin calls Taker the founding member of the “Kiss my Ass Club”. Corbin says Taker has been stealing money from this company for 20 years. Corbin says Taker sucks. Jeff Hardy attacks Corbin from behind.

Backstage, Jeff Hardy says Corbin struck a nerve. Taker has bee a mentor to Hardy. Everyone owes a debt to Taker, especially Corbin.

Jeff Hardy vs. King Corbin
Corbin floors Hardy with a clothesline. Corbin stomps Hardy. Hardy surprises Corbin with a clothesline over the top. Hardy misses a baseball slide. Corbin sends Hardy into the announce desk. Hardy sends Corbin into the announce desk. Hardy stomps Corbin. Jeff misses the whisper in the wind. Corbin sends Hardy into the corner shoulder first.

Hardy falls out of the ring. Corbin mocks Taker again. After the break, members of the SmackDown locker room are at ringside to watch the match. Corbin continues his assault on Hardy. Hardy fires up. Corbin counters the Twist of Fate. Hardy runs right into deep-six. Hardy kicks out. After a distraction, Hardy hits a Swanton for the win.

After the match, Corbin attacks Hardy. Kingston makes the save. Hardy tells Strowman to come gets some. Strowman Power Slams Corbin. Riddle crushes Corbin with the Floating Bro. Hardy drops to one knee and does the Undertaker pose.

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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