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Another special episode of Gorilla Position from Toronto. Whilst packing to return to London, James Delow brings you one final instalment of GP from Canada with his rundown of all things RAW and SmackDown, plus more WWE Superstar guests. Buddy Murphy, Mandy Rose and the legend that is Matt Hardy are all on the show talking SummerSlam memories, their in-ring careers, the WWE product in 2019 and lots lots more. Hit the download button now and get yourself into the Gorilla Position!

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The Five Count recently had a chance to speak with WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy. Known as one-half of the team “The Hardy Boyz” with his brother Matt, Jeff has wrestled for the WWE as far back as 1994. He’s also a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion, WWF/World Tag Team Champion, WWF/E Intercontinental Champion, and TNA World Heavyweight Champion. See Jeff Hardy as part of WWE Live Road to Wrestlemania on Mar. 2 in Minneapolis at Target Center!

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: December 3rd 2018    Categories: Interviews & Articles

What’s the vibe as performers preparing for a live show like the one in Arlington instead on something televised or on the WWE Network?

Hardy: “The coolest for me is when I was, oh gosh, 7-10 years old – we were at a show in North Carolina – and Sting was coming out, this was an old NWA [National Wrestling Alliance] show, and I was able to touch his shoulder. And he had his face painted, his neon green tights on, and the blonde hair – and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I want to do that. I want to make somebody feel like he made me feel right now.’

“So, like this Sunday for example, I’ll be in the back painting up in whatever image I have in my head, and my thing is I hope a kid kind of feels the way I felt back then when they see me, especially because I come out like a zombie when my eyes are closed because I do the eyelids on my eyes and just the moment in itself – one photo is worth a billion words and feelings.

“So, I just hope I can make a kid feel the way Sting made me feel. That’s the funnest thing for me now at live events because there’s not a rush, there’s like a patience behind it – the painting. Just like when I’m painting canvas, I’m using my face. It’s very peaceful. And I just hope I can make that one kid each and every night feel the way I felt back then.”

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Credit: GuideLive.com

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