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 Posted by: Kris    Date: May 4th 2024    Categories: Impact Plus Events

“Broken” Matt Hardy & Speedball Mountain (“Ball of Speed” Mike Bailey & “Trent Seventh” Trent Seven) vs. The System (Moose, Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards) (with Alisha Edwards)
Hardy and Myers start the bout, and Hardy says he wants Moose. Moose tags in but quickly tags out. Edwards drives Hardy into the corner, but Hardy bites him. Bailey and Seventh double-team Edwards. Edwards gains the upper hand and tags Bailey. Hardy and his partners hit Myers with some tandem offense.

Bailey and Seventh take control. Moose overpowers Bailey. Edwards tags in and maintains the advantage. He and Myers double-team Bailey. Moose and Myers continue to control the action. Alisha chokes him on the ropes. Bailey fires up, but Moose slams him. Bailey suplexes Edwards, but Eddie drives him into the corner. Seventh tags in and clears house with a flurry of offense. The System gains the upper hand again.

Seventh rallies and sends Myers to the outside. Myers and Edwards pull Bailey and Hardy off the apron. Seventh perseveres and tags Hardy. Hardy clears house and unloads on The System. Hardy hits Edwards with a Side Effect. Moose tags in, and Hardy gets in his face. They trade punches. Moose drops him with a big boot. Hardy catches a diving Moose with a cutter.

Edwards breaks up a Twist of Fate attempt. Hardy tags Bailey, who hits Myers with a dropkick. Myers catches Bailey with a Spear. Hardy and his partners rally and hit stereo Twist of Fates. Seventh and Bailey dive onto Myers and Edwards. Moose gains the upper hand and powerbombs Bailey. He slams Seventh onto the apron. Hardy bites Moose’s fingers and hits a Twist of Fate on the floor. Hardy puts Moose through a table with a diving leg drop. Back in the ring, Bailey and Seventh double-team Edwards. Seventh hits Edwards with a Burning Hammer, but Alisha breaks it up. Eddie hits Seventh below the belt, and Eddie and Myers double-team Seventh for the win.

Winners: The System (Moose, Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards) (with Alisha Edwards)

The System stands tall as the show comes to a close.

Results Credit: WrestleZone.com

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 Posted by: Kris    Date: February 14th 2021    Categories: Impact Plus Events

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) vs. James Storm & Chris Sabin vs. Private Party (w/Matt Hardy)
James Storm and Marq Quen kick things off. Storm shoves Quen over towards the corner with a tight collar-and-elbow lockup. Storm throws Quen over towards his corner. Isiah Kassidy makes a blind tag in. Matt Hardy pulls Private Party aside to talk strategy. Chris Sabin is tagged in by Storm. Both Sabin and Kassidy go back and forth with sunset flip rollups. Kassidy puts a tight sidelock on Sabin. Quen tags himself in. Private Party shows off some high-flying offense before Quen takes over.

Quen baits Sabin in with chin lock. Sabin rolls through. Karl Anderson tags himself in off of Sabin. Kassidy makes his way back into the match. Kassidy twists Anderson’s arm up. He goes over for a tag to Quen. Quen makes his way in but tries to get another quick tag to Kassidy. Anderson drags him over to his corner and brings in Doc Gallows. Gallows lays in some heavy hands on Quen before he brings Anderson back in. Gallows is just manhandling Quen in the corner. He gets his a tag out to Anderson.

Anderson locks up Quen’s leg and brings Gallows back in. Gallows drops down on top of Quen for a near fall. Gallows brings Anderson back in. Anderson’s dojo training skills are shown with a tight armlock on Quen. Quen rolls over and James Storm makes his way into the ring. Sabin runs in to help Storm out with a tornado DDT. Storm looks for a cover on Anderson and the Tag Team Champion kicks out. Private Party and Sabin are now in the ring. Private Party come in with combination offense. Quen crashes on top of Sabin’s back with a standing moonsault. Private Party continues their beautiful offense with Sliced Bread on James. Kassidy hooks the leg. Storm kicks out!

Chaos ensues with gunshot offense from all three teams. Karl Anderson lands a gut-wrenching powerbomb. James Storm comes in with the Eye of the Storm on Quen. Storm hooks the leg for a two count! Matt Hardy makes his way in with a Twist of Fate on Storm. Anderson slides in after he sees Kassidy and Quen land a swanton bomb and moonsault from off the top rope on Storm. Anderson hooks the leg on Storm to retain the titles.

Winners: The Good Brothers

Post-Match: Matt Hardy is asking Private Party how could they let him down. He is furious!

Results Credit: WrestlingINC.com

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