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June 20th, 2013
Published by Kris

Greetings Everyone:

As you may have noticed, the site has undergone some changes. I have completely upgraded and revamped all the sections of the site. I would like to thank my girl Cristy from Dax Studios for the amazing new layout. I hope you all enjoy the new look. Expect even more additions soon!


June 19th, 2013
Published by Kris

June 16th, 2013
Published by Kris

Jeff Hardy beat Mr. Anderson
Hardy got the win with the “Twist of Fate”. Not a long match, but all action while it lasted.

Credit: PWInsider.com

June 14th, 2013
Published by Kris

On the Road to Bound For Glory
Hulk Hogan comes out and says last week could have gotten a lot worse for Bully Ray, but his daughter was the one who stopped him. He says Bully has caused enough trouble, but they need to look to tonight because it’s time for the Bound For Glory selections. Hulk talks about the guys already in it, then he says the last two winners of the series also get back in, and he brings Jeff Hardy to the ring. Hardy says he’s sick of the Aces and Eights, and he’s going to win the Series again, then Bobby Roode cuts them off and says he doesn’t need an introduction. Roode says everyone knows about his historic title reign, and they can’t talk about Bound For Glory without mentioning him. Roode says he hasn’t lost the tournament, so this year he’s going to two for two, then Hulk says they are going to get their first matches next week via fan vote for their opponents.

Roode gets pissed and says he would let the fans vote, but Roode says he will make it very simple, and he’s going to call Hardy out and kick his ass. Hardy dares him to kick his ass now, but Bully Ray leads the Aces to the ring before he can do anything. Bully says it doesn’t matter who wins the tournament because the winner has to face him, and everyone knows that they will just lose to him. He says he has a bigger problem, and it’s Hulk like usual, and he wants to know why the Aces aren’t represented at all in the tournament. Hulk says he thought about it, and they will get one spot in the Series, but they will have a battle royal and they have to fight for that spot. Bully says that’s typical of Hulk, but it doesn’t matter who’s in the tournament because they all will just be a target of the Aces. Bully threatens to rush the ring and beat them up, but they stall and back off as Roode attacks Hardy and runs from the ring.

Credit: WrestleZone.com

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