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 Posted by: Kris    Date: October 18th 2015    Categories: Gallery Additions

I have re-added high-quality captures from WWE’s Twist of Fate: The Matt & Jeff Hardy Story DVD. Since it was a two-disc set, I have separated the gallery albums accordingly. Enjoy!

| The Matt Hardy Story Captures |
| The Jeff Hardy Story Captures |

 Posted by: Kris    Date: August 23rd 2015    Categories: Gallery Additions

Matt and Jeff had an autograph signing today, August 23rd, prior to the Charlotte Knights baseball game. I’ve posted candids from the event via the Charlotte Knights Twitter page.

| View Candids |

 Posted by: Kris    Date: May 30th 2015    Categories: Gallery Additions, Media Additions, Video Site Additions

1873 Captures | Intro | Round 1 Match | Round 2 Match | Final Match | Sudden Death Match | Awards Ceremony
Thanks to Melissa, we have captures and video from the Lucha Libre World Cup. Check it out and enjoy!

 Posted by: Kris    Date: May 7th 2015    Categories: Gallery Additions

My friend Wayne from Slamfest Wrestling Photography has posted his photos of the May 2nd OMEGA event on his Flickr account. Check them out!

| View “Chaos in Cameron 2” Candids |

 Posted by: Kris    Date: April 28th 2015    Categories: Flashback Matches, Gallery Additions, Video Site Additions

1415 Captures | Matt’s Match | Jeff vs. Edge Video | Jeff vs. CM Punk Video |
In the spirit of this past weekend’s Extreme Rules, Melissa has uploaded media from 2009’s Extreme Rules

 Posted by: Kris    Date: April 21st 2015    Categories: Gallery Additions, Video Site Additions
 Posted by: Kris    Date: April 18th 2015    Categories: Gallery Additions, Impact Results

743 Captures | Digitals | Qualifying Match Video | Ultimate X Match Video
Qualifying Tag Team Contest | The Hardys vs. The Revolution
James Storm and Khoya attack The Hardys before the bell. The Hardys ground Khoya and send James Storm flying into the guardrail. Jeff leaps from the apron with a cross body to Storm; Matt jumps at Khoya. Khoya catches Matt and drives him into the steel steps.

Jeff rolls into the ring as Storm steals and uses a fan’s replica title belt to take a cheap shot on Matt. Storm and Khoya methodically isolate and double team Matt Hardy. Storm connects with a double knee facebreaker; Khoya follows it up with a clothesline.

Storm and Khoya exchange tags again as the crowd comes to life behind Matt. Matt counters Storm with a Side Effect before making the hot tag to Jeff. Jeff unleashes his fury on The Revolution. A distraction by Khoya allows Storm a cheap shot.

Jeff Hardy battles back with an attempted Twist of Fate to Storm – and Khoya. Both counter, but Jeff ducks and Storm nails Khoya with a Last Call! Matt Hardy finally scores a Twist of Fate that sets Khoya up for the Swanton and pin! The Hardys advance to Ultimate X for the TNA World Tag Team Championships.

Winners: The Hardys

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